Everything You Need To Know About Online PAN Card Correction

Forgotten are the days when one had to keep visiting the government offices for procuring one document. Digitalization in government services has reduced the hassle and stress 100%.

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But what if you missed out on rechecking or filling in your details correctly and got some of them wrongly printed?

Don't worry because PAN Card correction is as easy as filling the PAN card form online. It may take only 7 to 8 minutes to complete the procedure if done correctly.

Steps For PAN Card Correction Online:

1. Log on to the NSDL website.

2. Select 'Update PAN/Aadhaar Details.'

3. Click on the 'Application Type' dropdown menu, and select 'Changes or Correction in existing PAN data/Reprint of PAN Card.'

4. Click on the 'Category' and select the correct category of the assessee. If the PAN card is registered in your name, choose the option 'Individual' from the list.

5. Fill in your necessary details required and the captcha code. The application request will be registered, and you'd be provided with a token number.

6. In the next step, you will be directed to the correction form. There are three options to submit your documents-

e-KYC & e-Sign (Paperless)

Submit scanned images through e-Sign on NSDL e-gov or C-DAC.

Post application documents physically.

Choose your preferred option and proceed;

7. Fill in your PAN and Aadhaar details; if you fill in your Adhaar information, the rest of the present data will be prefilled. Scroll down to the correction form and select your option.

new pan card application

9. Sign the declaration which holds your acknowledgement number and click "Submit."

10. Upload the scanned version of the documents you wish to provide as proof. (You'd have to keep these requirements ready beforehand as the form may time out and you'd be asked to refill the form all over again.)

11. Pay the fee required for the updation of your PAN details (Rs. 110).

12. Take a print out of the correction form and affix the Proof of Identity provided in the online submission. Paste a passport size photograph in the section allotted for the same and sign across it. Refrain from using pins or staples for attaching the documents.

- Post the form and the documents to,

- NSDL e-Gov at Income Tax PAN Services Unit,

- NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited,

- 5th Floor, Mantri Sterling, Plot No. 341,

- Survey No. 997/8, Model Colony,

- Near Deep Bungalow Chowk, Pune – 411 016.

13. You'd receive your updated PAN card within 15 days.

By following these steps, you'll be able to make the changes as quickly as filling the form for a PAN Card online.

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