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Although the shell of each pack of cigarettes always reminds smokers: "Smoking is harmful to health", "tobacco harm" does not need to say so much, but for smokers, it is really difficult to quit smoking. It is precisely because of this that the Tobacco Corporation can sit very firmly in the seats of "the world's largest cigarette manufacturer" and "the most profitable enterprise". It is hundreds of millions of smokers who have made huge profits in this industry and also made huge profits for the "Tobacco Corporation". In the impression of many people, it is said that "the most profitable company", Internet companies and real estate companies. It is undeniable that these companies are indeed very profitable, but compared with tobacco, these companies may still be slightly inferior [url=cigarettesusaonline.com]Wholesale Cigarettes[/url]. The data shows that in mid-2019, the tobacco industry achieved a total industrial and commercial tax profits of 1205. 6 billion yuan, an increase of 4. 3% year-on-year; the total amount of financial contributions turned into 1. 177 trillion yuan, an increase of 17. 7% year-on-year. You are not mistaken, it is not net profit, market value, turnover, tax alone, it has reached 1. 2 trillion yuan! Just looking at this data, you know how profitable tobacco is, then, why is tobacco so? Profiteering? This is a monopolistic industry, and China Tobacco has always been for profit, and the pricing is not very high. Therefore, at relatively cheap prices, tobacco can cover as many people as possible, so as to maximize the benefits. In addition, more profitable than tobacco, in fact, there are "tobacco taxes. " If calculated according to the tax of 1. 2 trillion in 2019 and the data of 350 million smokers, does that mean that each smoker has created a business tax profit of more than 3400 yuan? It can be said that the Tobacco Corporation is well deserved in China The most important thing about "the first taxpayer" is that it has also maintained its status as the first taxpayer for a long time. According to the report of "Wall Street News", the proportion of its turned over fiscal revenue to the national fiscal revenue is stable at 6% to 10% all the year round [url=salesmoking.com]Newport Cigarettes Coupons[/url]. The taxes and fees paid by tobacco every year are very high, which contributes greatly to the national revenue. And many civil servants' wages, or infrastructure, have the shadow of tobacco finances! In other words, these are all paid by smokers. However, this year some committee members put forward their opinions on "raising tobacco tax". This means that tobacco prices may have to rise. The committee member mentioned that there is an urgent need to further substantially increase tobacco taxes and prices to reduce the ability to pay for cigarettes and curb the rising trend of tobacco consumption. It turns out that this is to "control tobacco"! In fact, in the first two years, many experts proposed to "increasing the price of cigarettes", because my country's cigarettes are too cheap, which will bring risks to young people. One way to protect young people from tobacco is to raise the price of harmful products such as cigarettes... [url=smokingusacigarettes.com]Carton Of Cigarettes[/url]. For this reason, the "increasing tobacco tax" has just spread. So, do you agree with the price increase of tobacco?

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