VAV June Challenge Day 15-21

Hello VAMPZ! I will be catching up on VAV June Challenge. It's never too late to start and catch up on a fun challenge. Let's get started...

Day 15. Ayno Photo

Day 16. Ziu Focus

*credit video to owner

VAV- Senorita live performance Ziu Focus

Day 17. VAV MV

*credit video to owner

VAV- Senorita MV

Day 18. St. Van Cover

*credit video to owner

Cho Jung Seok- Aloha covered by St. Van of VAV as special gift for VAMPZ

Day 19. Ace Cover

*credit video to owner

FOOLS- Troye Sivan Cover by Ace of VAV

Day 20. Ziu Cover

*credit video to owner

Bazzi- Mine Cover by Ziu of VAV

Day 21. Jacob Drama

Jacob drama clip

*credit video to owner

VAV Jacob CF Parody

Until next time VAMPZ!


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