Decorative shelves Buffet

Decorative shelves are an important tool that determines the success of a buffet. Because without them, you will not know where to prepare the food for the party, such as how to arrange food in a reasonable manner, most convenient for taking food and attracting all the eyes of guests. row.

Buffet decoration tools - food decoration shelves

gia ke trang tri thuc an buffet

4-story decoration price

The set of buffet decoration products includes decoration rack made of stainless steel and high quality white porcelain enamel tray, easy to clean after each use. Decorative trays can be placed on different floors with extremely delicate and beautiful design.

The price of decorating food 3 floors

The decoration price is made of beautiful shiny stainless steel, arranged in a pyramid shape, with a high base, all creating a very luxurious product. Decorative shelves are often placed on Buffet tables in hotel restaurants, trays for display of cakes, snacks, fruits are placed on multi-storey decorative shelves.

Different types of shelves display shelves

Made of stainless steel with many beautiful motifs, delicate colors, elegant, highlighting sweet and cute cakes. In addition, there are other types of Buffet decoration racks to support the higher food trays, easy to decorate and maximize table space.

Our showroom with a team of enthusiastic, in-depth and experienced consultants in the field of providing food decoration shelves to serve the needs of customers. We are always confident to bring you luxurious, elegant buffet decorations and leave a deep impression on customers.

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Buffet equipment in TPHCM

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