Five Network Monitoring tools and why you should use it.

Maintaining an active network is one of the most important tasks of a system administrator, and monitoring connected systems is essential to keeping the network in good order.

There are many ways to manage a modern network. Network monitoring tools are designed for the specific purpose of monitoring network traffic and response time, while application performance management solutions use agents to extract performance data from a set of applications. If you have an active network, network monitoring is required to ensure that you are not vulnerable to an attacker. Likewise, if you rely on several different applications for daily operations, you will also need an application performance management solution.

network monitoring tools

Before we get into the first five network monitoring tools, let's take a closer look at why you should use it.

Why do I need a network monitoring tool?

Network monitoring

Thorough troubleshooting can minimize performance issues and prevent security breaches. In practice, this keeps the network online and eliminates the risk of turning the victim into unnecessary downtime. Regular network maintenance can also help prevent outages that can cause thousands of users to go offline.

The Network Monitor tool allows you to:

Automatic discovery of devices connected to your network

View live data and historical performance for a wide range of devices and applications

Set up alerts to notify you of unusual activities

Create graphs and reports for further analysis of network activities.

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