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I need help paying my rent before i get evicted -- Assistance Programs & Resources

According to a 2018 study by the Pew Charitable Trusts, 38 percent of all American tenant families put more than three-tenths of pretax income toward rent in 2015, qualifying as"rent-burdened" -- up from 19 percent in 2001.

Some 17 percent of tenant households place over fifty percent of pretax income toward rent in 2015, qualifying as"severely rent-burdened."

Households led by African-Americans and seniors of all races were far more likely to be rent-burdened and severely rent-burdened than households directed by whites and non-seniors -- a 2018 RentCafe research reported by USA Today found that millennials spent more on rent than older generations.

The bottom line: Millions of Americans struggle to make rent each month.

Maybe you're struggling also. Whether your financial straits arise from a layoff that you anticipate to last only a couple of weeks or a serious health setback which may persist for much longer, here is where you could turn for help.

Eviction assistance programs

Pro suggestion: If you are struggling to pay and i need help paying my rent before i get evicted every month due to debt, then consider working with a firm like Freedom Debt Relief. They will help you build a strategy and work together with your creditors to eliminate your debt.

1. Apply for Charitable Grants

Secular nonprofits and faith organizations alike offer emergency rent payment eviction prevention program and in-house home assistance grants to needy families and individuals.

If you're not certain where to turn, utilize 2-1-1. Org to find public or private housing grants in your town. To make a direct appeal for small-dollar contributions, use Modest Needs.

Wherever you live, you can almost surely find local housing support resources without going via a nationwide company. In Minneapolis, where I live, Downtown Congregations to End Homelessness offers temporary home assistance, including cash assistance, to households and people in extreme need.

Particular beliefs organizations may offer assistance as well. In major towns, most large congregations have the resources to provide small but meaningful grants or temporary shelter to people struggling to make ends meet. Generally, these licenses are earmarked for renters at risk of imminent eviction and people experiencing acute housing insecurity.

2. Cut Your Expenses

If you're not yet in these dire straits, you may still have time to get your budget in check and prevent underpaying or missing rent entirely. When You Search for them, you'll find chances to reduce everyday expenses everywhere, for example:

- Dining less, Even If foods are relatively affordable, such as a Subway sandwich for lunch

- consuming less alcohol or even quitting drinking completely

- Wasting fewer meals in-home through better meal preparation

- spending less on grocery by purchasing generics and taking advantage of vouchers and earnings

- More drastic changes, such as getting rid of your vehicle, could prove more consequential, but even tiny cuts accumulate. If you want to make saving a step further you can register for Trim. They'll scan your bank and credit accounts and search for expenses that you can eliminate. They will also negotiate things such as your cable and internet bills.

3. Enroll at a Credit Counseling Program

emergency eviction assistance

Your debt management program will not include your home payments, but it might relieve some financial strain by reducing your monthly credit card and loan payments, which makes it a lot easier to cover rent. Once you become -- and remain -- debt-free, you'll probably find it a lot easier to make rent too and i need help paying my rent before i get evicted.

4. Talk to Lenders About Hardship Programs

If the origin of your inability to make lease is an overpowering credit card or student loan debt, speak with your creditors about hardship programs and temporary forbearance.

Although the details vary by lender, most creditors are willing to work with creditors facing temporary hardship. Hardship applications work like credit counseling organizations' debt management programs, except they are specific to one creditor and don't involve a middleman. Typical plans provide lower interest rates, longer repayment terms, fixed repayments, fee waivers, and reductions, or each of the above.

Enrolling in a hardship schedule could temporarily hurt your credit rating, and the simple fact of your registration will likely be visible to anyone who pulls your credit report. But the long-term benefits of paying down high-interest or budget-busting debt will almost certainly outweigh the near-term effect.

5. Look for One-Time Opportunities to Boost Money

If you anticipate your hardship to be temporary -- you were unexpectedly laid off, for example, but your job hunt is progressing well -- a one-time boost may be all you want to stay current on your rent and i need help paying my rent before i get evicted.

One-time opportunities to boost cash abound. Now might be a great time to search for unclaimed money lying about in a country treasury or class action settlement fund, to downsize and offload unnecessary possessions at a garage sale or on eBay, or even to look to more personal -- and possibly consequential -- options such as selling eggs or sperm.

6. Hire a Pro Bono Tenants' Rights Attorney

Utilize the Department of Housing and Urban Development's state-specific Tenant Rights resources page to find tenants' rights lawyers licensed to practice in your state. If you believe that your landlord is violating the terms of your lease, neighborhood housing ordinances (such as i need help paying my rent before i get evictedcontrol), or state or federal tenant protections (for example, anti-discrimination laws), your tenants' rights lawyer can advocate on your behalf.

To be clear, a tenants' rights attorney will not cover i need help paying my rent before i get evicted for your benefit. Nor can they tailor the legislation to satisfy your situation; if your landlord is on the up and up, your legal recourse may be restricted. You might want a tenants' rights lawyer on call, however, if and when your financial straits compel you to terminate your lease prematurely.

7. Apply for Rural Rental Housing Assistance

If you reside in a qualifying rural area -- generally, communities outside Metropolitan Statistical Areas defined by the U.S. Census Bureau -- and invest over 30 percent of your household's adjusted monthly income on i need help paying my rent before i get evicted, you might be eligible to get income-based rural rental housing assistance. For more information about this program, its demands, and its own application process.

Even in the event that you don't qualify for federal housing assistance, you might find more affordable rural rentals through the USDA's rural housing assistance portal site.

8. Apply for Short-Term Housing Assistance

Many county and state agencies offer short-term home assistance for individuals and families experiencing a temporary hardship, as do some larger cities. Back in Oregon, for instance, Home Forward administers short-term housing help on behalf of Multnomah County and its two largest cities, including Portland and Gresham. Begin by calling your local 2-1-1 hotline, if one exists, or pay a visit to your city, county, or state housing authority's site.

Generally, short-term voucher or subsidy programs offer no more than three consecutive months of support, during which renters expecting longer periods of hardship can apply for long-term home assistance.

9. Apply for Long-Term Housing Assistance

Long-term housing help comes in multiple forms. Two are worth mentioning specifically.

Many localities operate public housing communities, not all of which resemble the sterile, and segregated"towers in the park" stereotype. Here in Minneapolis, for instance, the city operates countless"scattered-site" single-family houses and duplexes tucked away in leafy residential areas.

HUD's Section 8 low-income housing assistance is just another lifeline for thousands of noninvasive families, although the application has many functional drawbacks: an arduous application process, the chance of extended waiting lists for qualifying home, and housing discrimination (in several authorities, landlords may lawfully refuse to rent to Section 8 tenants).

10. Break Your Lease

Possessing an apartment lease isn't a decision to make lightly. Unless you are in a consciously unsafe situation -- your national partner is abusive or your housing is uninhabitable, for example -- you ought to break your rental only as a last resort after exhausting all other reasonable choices to create a lease and i need help paying my rent before i get evicted.

That said, if the alternative is ending up on the street, you may believe you have no option but to break your lease. Before you do, line up your next place to live, most likely by locating independently owned subsidized housing into which you can easily transition or lining up a friend or family member willing to host you. If you anticipate your hardship to last, you'll want to start the process of applying for in-house home assistance too.

Final Word

As a tenant, you're obligated to learn about federal, state, and local housing regulations. You also have the power to exercise the rights provided by those obligations. Landlords, for their part, must abide by the letter of the law; ignorance is seldom a defense.

Even if the financial hardship that's compelled one to seek rent assistance doesn't have anything to do with your landlord, very clear comprehension of your legal rights -- and a willingness to act on these could mitigate the legal and financial ramifications of a broken lease, should it come to that.

Have you used any of these tools to make leasing? Are you contemplating any?

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