Best things to buy in Tokyo

famous things to buy in Tokyo

1. Tokyo Banana

If you’re seeking out something that screams Tokyo and is without problems found, it has got to be Tokyo Banana. Yellow and formed like a small banana, this curious confectionary is a sponge cake with banana puree cream in the middle. The logo has also spawned several distinct flavours and variations, with special seasonal flavours coming up each now and then.

2. Edo tsumami Kanzashi


3. Retro Osuimono

Osuimono has been eaten as the soup direction in Japanese-style meals for centuries, and this unfashionable osuimono is actually a souvenir to be able to make people happy. The high-class ingredients lock the flavor in, so all you do is pour hot water into the bowl. It's a rare dish where you can devour your favorite osuimono ingredients, which include matsutake or fish, outdoor of a restaurant.

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