How the Retail Banking Industry Could Look 3 Years After COVID

Initially, as the COVID-19 pandemic spread like wildfire from country to country, the world collectively focussed on the healthcare implications and potential loss of life. Now, following months of intense mitigation measures, we are in the midst of a global reawakening. Economic activities are being kick-started to varying degrees and businesses of all types are reaccessing their modus operandi to suit the evolving post-pandemic landscape.

Transitioning from response to recovery will undoubtedly bring its own unique challenges, and the world of Retail Banking must accept this fact. What kind of future changes will the BFSI sector adopt in order to cope with the pressures of remaining competitive while being mindful of human health and safety? When it comes to procedural operations and setting attainable business targets, what should banks and other commercial lenders do? How long will the changes being implemented now last for and what are their long-term ramifications?

Join our in-depth webinar to get answers to these pressing questions, and gain a better understanding of the current and future trajectories of the retail banking industry.

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