Google is hiring MediaOps Lead, Business Operations in Gurugram, Hyderabad, India

GoogleMediaOps Lead, Business Operations

Minimum Qualifications


Graduate degree or equivalent practical experience

7 years of work experience

Experience in business strategy, operation management or stakeholder management

Preferred Qualifications

9 years of consulting or equivalent project management experience

Strong business judgment and demonstrated track record of cross-functional stakeholder management and leadership through influence

Experience leading complex operational and strategic initiatives.

Ability to lead complex operational and strategic cross-functional initiatives. Leadership in crisis and change management situations

Ability to synthesize data into useful formats and bring actionable insights along with distinctive project management, problem solving skills.

Ability to straddle between details and higher level implications of critical business issues.

About The Job

The gTech Strategy & Operations (gSO) organization for gTech Professional Services (gPS) MediaOps ensures alignment and execution of goals across MediaOps verticals, provides metrics driven business critical insights, and helps teams drive strategic partnerships and new initiatives forward. This organization is focused on aligning the highest-level company priorities with strong day-to-day operational rigor, and helps evolve early stage ideas into future-growth initiatives. The team also builds strong relationships with sales, product and other cross-functional teams that are necessary to achieve relevant organizational goals.

As gSO MediaOps lead, you'll be responsible for running seamless operations for MediaOps. Operational excellence is one of the key tenets for MediaOps workflow and an important component of how business is run and managed internally. You'll understand what components of business operations need to be run and managed consistently, interface with central gSO teams in gPS, gTech and Global Business Organization on sales and customer experience measurement as well as handle critical priorities on headcount management, operational expenditure management and overall role management.

The Go-to-Market Operations (GtM) team ensures Google's complex and ever-evolving Ads business runs smoothly. We are instrumental in setting go-to-market strategy, and ensuring flawless execution and operations against the strategy. We have teams embedded in each of the major Ads business areas as well as global teams that work across the business areas. Team members are analytical and strategic, with a pragmatic sense of how to get things done.


Understand MediaOps workflows and operational metrics to create strong operational cadence.

Understand tools and databases to identify measurable metrics and manage at a regular basis.

Understand organization structure, R&R and interdependencies in MediaOps in order to identify need for organizational rethink and help steer the same in collaboration with People Operations.

Leverage network with the gPS gSO and gTech gSO teams to navigate gTech priorities around time survey, seller satisfaction and end customer experience.

Work closely with MediaOps leadership to understand operational needs and gSO’s role in addressing the same.

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