Sai Weapon – Grab This One Of The Best Ancient Ninja Weapons

Sai Weapon

You might have seen it in movies or seen it hanging on a wall in some martial arts place. Its structure is somewhat like a pair of daggers that can cut the enemy's face into half within the blink of an eye.

Though these days, it is considered a Japanese weapon, it is also used in other Asian countries before it reached Okinawa. It was said to be used in India, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

In actuality, it probably originates in India, although we cannot say anything for sure. It is different from a dagger.

Sai - The Best Ninja Weapons

real ninja weapons.

Two blades are relatively smaller than the middle one. It shaped like a fork. Generally, it is used in pairs. It is a very handy tool for protection for handling attacks. The strong grip makes it comfortable enough to punch the attackers in critical situations.

Why Is The Sai Weapon Called Raphael Weapon?

ninja sai sai swords.

It is a fantastic weapon that is ideal for protection, for attacking and punching as well. There are numerous weapons available in the market these days. So, you can buy them and practice with them. It can also be used as a self-defense weapon.

How It Is Made?

It is usually made from metal. The main blade has a round cross-section and the point is normally very blunt.

However, the handle is usually wrapped in cord or leather to provide a sturdy grip. Conventionally, it was made by a gunsmith, but it was simple enough for any blacksmith to make it too.

sai weapon

Moreover, people who are masters in using this sword can deliver even lethal blows.

ninja weapons sai

Hence, how deadly a weapon ultimately still depends on the techniques, manner, and skill level in which it is applied.

Uses Of Sais Weapon

This incredible weapon can be used for defensive purposes. The swords must be held between handguards and the blade and twisted out of the hands of the attacker.

You can defend yourself against the slashes with the swords by just pressing the blade against the forearm.

It is also used by police officers. They sued it to beat the criminals and make them unable to resist.

There were many different ways of using this weapon. Many different techniques require different hand positions and motions involving the entire body.

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Ending Notes:

Nowadays, a Sai weapon can be viewed as just an antique piece of art. But in reality, it belongs to the family of Japanese weapons. This weapon has come a long way and went through many phases to become what it is today.

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