Friday Game Day (Finale Results!)


Congratulations You've reached the end!

Let me know below who your blind date was.

(Bonus if you add what you ate and where your date was.)

Garden # 1

Gray a.k.a Lee Seonghwa

Garden #2

Golden a.k.a Kim Jihyun

Garden #3

Ph-1 a.k.a Harry Park

Garden #4

Code Kunst a.k.a Jo Sungwoo

Garden #5

Simon Dominic a.k.a Jung Kiseok

Garden #6

Woo Wonjae

Garden #7

Jay Park a.k.a King of Heathens

Boss Squad:@royalpandajedi@Fromblue2u@Queenpandabunny@marrickej33@BBxGD@Starbell808@MelissaGarza@liyahboon


KISS Squad

@BabydollBre,@QueenyCrossGene, and@BTSMicDrop

Lip glosses



Shall we date Kpop?













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