Why are Internships not a bad Idea? They add experience and help you get the job.

Students often ask this question, “Is it necessary to do internships while studying?”

Well, after seeing the surging demand of skilled workers in the industries, we would say, it definitely is. Many students underestimate the role of internships in professional life. However, others realize its potency after knowing that these short term experiences can actually help them in getting jobs.

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Let’s discuss the role of internships in shaping the career of students.

The internship gives exposure to the work environment

The classroom learning is quite different from practical learning in the industry. Even if you’re learning skills in the college labs or through the projects, you won’t become an expert in your respective domain unless you work on real-time projects.

The internship will give you a chance to collaborate with industry professionals to work on real-time projects, which will also improve your skills. The co-op training offered by PLC help students to prove their talent by working in their respective industries, which increases their chances of getting a job.

It helps you to build an impressive portfolio

Portfolio in an entry ticket to a job interview. It includes all the important projects you’ve had worked on during your period of internship.

By showing your best works to the employers during the interview or before it, you can increase the chances of getting hired. A portfolio will show your expertise, competency level, and your relentless hard work.

The internship will allow you to enhance your experience by working on company projects so that you can further mention them in your portfolio to make it more impressive.

It helps you to develop a network or professionals

The best part about the internship is, it helps people to build their network. In today’s world, networking is indeed important. By doing an internship, you will not only learn skills but also make many new connections. So, it is advisable to make a good impression on your boss and other employees before leaving the internship.

If you develop a cordial bond with your mentors, they will likely contact you if they find any new job opportunity. So, it’s important to build a positive image in front of them.

Many students at PLC get permanent employment in the same company upon successful completion of an internship. So, it is crucial to give your best performance during the internship and stay in touch with your mentors.

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We emphasize on providing industrial experience to our students to make them expert in their respective fields. We choose the best for our students and find placements that best suit their needs.

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