Kailyn Lowry Claims Chris Lopez Abused Her in Shocking Leaked Messages

The connection between Kailyn Lowry and Chris Lopez ...

The place will we even start?

It's not good, it's never been good, and there have been instances when it was an absolute catastrophe.

However now, in a leaked Instagram message allegedly from Kailyn herself, we're learning just a little extra about the dynamic between them.

And it is worse than we ever thought.

Kailyn and Chris have by no means actually had a conventional relationship -- like she just lately revealed that she began hooking up with him when she was nonetheless married to Javi, so ...

She acquired pregnant with Lux, their first little one collectively, proper around the time her divorce from Javi was finalized, however it's not like they were forbidden lovers lastly free to be together.

Nope, turns out Chris had another girlfriend all through the pregnancy.

He by no means got here to her appointments, he by no means confirmed much interest in any respect, although he did show up to the hospital after Lux was born, and he hung around for a short while afterwards.

But then, in line with Kailyn, issues bought pretty unhealthy -- she wrote in one in every of her books that he broke a window in her bedroom, and that he additionally broke within the again door of her dwelling while her youngsters were there.

They became estranged for some time, but she appeared to hold onto hope that he'd come round.

And round Lux's first birthday, he did ... form of. They rekindled their relationship for a bit, though it appeared like he by no means removed that other girlfriend.

She mentioned a number of things about him around this time -- she referred to as him the one man she ever really cherished, she advised her children that she might marry him at some point, and she hinted a number of instances that she'd like to have one other child with him, even when he just donated sperm.

Then they broke up, then they bought again collectively, then they broke up again. You bear in mind -- it was laborious to maintain up with what was happening with them.

But back in the winter, rumors began swirling that Kailyn was pregnant again, and that she was carrying her second youngster with Chris. Shortly after that, she confirmed the information herself.

And not too long after that news came out, we realized that Chris was arrested twice final October, the identical month she would have gotten pregnant, and that she'd filed an order of protection towards him.

It's nonetheless not completely clear why he acquired arrested, but it seems like their relationship was strained then -- she claimed a few months ago that he "admitted to intentionally getting me pregnant."

Since then, issues haven't been nice, obviously, and she's been saying that she'll elevate the new baby on her own, which is okay.

Especially if what we're about to talk about is true.

So there's a screenshot that is been going around from a dialog that Kailyn allegedly had with an Instagram account referred to as Teen Mom Shade Room -- the precise submit from the web page is gone, but in fact the internet never forgets.

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In the screenshot, we can't see what she's replying to, but we do see her full message, and it is clear she's talking about Chris.

"We'll never get it collectively," the message started. "I'll never go back to him."

"He's a pathological liar," she continued. "When you sat down every single one of his household they'd say CHRIS informed them something completely different.

"The girl that he is been with entire heartedly believes what he says," she wrote, confirming that he NONETHELESS has another girlfriend.

"And the issue," she claimed, "is that every time I've questioned him or tried to go away he has put his arms on me."

She requested that her message not be posted in full, however it seems like it was extra important for her to get her story out -- she finished things with "I hope to be freed from the toxicity and violence for good this time."

That's a lot to soak up, proper? So let's get began.

Before everything, we can't verify that this message got here from Kailyn, and even that what she said is true, due to course we won't.

We do know that there have been rumors about Chris being violent with Kailyn for a good lengthy while now.

All the best way back in 2017, a source informed The Ashley's Reality Roundup that 鈥淐hris was violent with Kail multiple instances, as soon as while she was holding the newborn."

Briana DeJesus has referenced it -- when a Kail fan tweeted her one thing about their feud, Briana replied with "shut the f-ck up 鈥榗ause she gets beat the f-ck up by Chris in entrance of her kids."

Chris denied it at the time, and he is never admitted to being violent at all in the direction of her.

However, some individuals feel like they cannot consider Kailyn on the subject of things like this because she's been known to file orders of safety when she has a difficulty with an ex -- we saw her file one against Jo Rivera earlier than admitting that she just needed to show him a lesson.

Whatever has gone on between them, it's clear that they haven't any business being collectively, and that she was right to name their relationship toxic.

Let's just hope they really are completed for good this time.

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Kailyn Lowry Claims Chris Abused Her in Shocking Leaked Messages

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