Full-fledged nutritious scientific menu in 1 week

Suggest a delicious and cheap vegetarian menu for the whole week

Whether vegetarian or savory, you must ensure you provide all the essential nutrients in your diet. To have a nutritious vegetarian meal, you need to choose foods that replace the nutrients in meat and fish.

Vegetarian food for tuan tuan

Vegetarian food for tuan tuan

If you still haven't figured out what delicious vegetarian dishes to eat in a week to ensure a healthy vegetarian menu, Hoanghaigroup shares with you a 7-day vegetarian menu full of nutrients.

Vegetarian menu on 1

Morning: Beef meatball noodle

Lunch: Rice + bitter melon soup + fried tofu with lemongrass + 1 pack of grapefruit

Afternoon: Rice + vegetable soup cooked with mushrooms + jackfruit young + 1 pack grapefruit

Other snacks of the day: Soy milk, ripe mango.


Vegetarian menu on day 1: Rice with vegetables and mushroom soup + jackfruit, braised jackfruit + 1 pack of pomelos

Vegetarian menu on 2

Morning: Vegetarian vermicelli

Lunch: Rice + pumpkin soup + braised tofu + watermelon

Afternoon: Rice + zucchini soup + braised mushrooms + watermelon

Other snacks of the day: Strawberry, fruit yogurt

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Vegetarian menu Day 2: Rice + zucchini soup + braised mushrooms + watermelon

Vegetarian menu on 3

Morning: Vegetarian dumplings + soy milk

Lunch: Rice + tofu with tomato sauce + broccoli soup

Afternoon: Rice + spinach soup + mixed tofu + plum

Snacks of the day: Cereals mixed with milk.

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Vegetarian menu on day 3: Rice + tofu with tomato sauce + broccoli soup

Vegetarian menu on 4

Morning: Vegetarian spaghetti

Lunch: Rice + tofu with tomato sauce + mustard soup + apples

Afternoon: Rice + bitter melon stew + cabbage soup + apples

Daily snacks: Unsweetened yogurt + watermelon

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