Some Facts about Gaming and Its Community

Gaming is an action or practice that is done by playing some sort of virtual game either on a Pc or a console. There are around 2.5 million gamers around the world and today we are going to sharing some facts about gaming so without further ado let’s get started.

There are a lot of facts that are available on the internet today and we are going to be only talking about the most common and the most relevant ones.

Quarantine and Gaming

Because of Quarantine, the world is stuck in their homes for months.

Games are very essential in maintaining the mental health of the people in this pandemic. However, one must keep in mind the risks involved in gaming as well so as not to get too indulged in it for it to become an addiction. Games are made and played for entertainment and that is all it should be about not about the addiction.

DOS Games

Underage Children

Children playing games that do not match their age limit has become so common that a child aging 12 or underplays the game which includes explicit materials which are very dangerous for a child of that age and to minimize this issue parents should keep an eye out over their children and should not buy them games which include such things.

Over 300 percent of underage children are more likely to develop a gambling addiction if introduced to gambling while underage which is quite alarming for the parents of the children.

gambling advertisement on TV

24 percent of the underage gamblers did so for the first time to try and make money.

That is why gaming industries mention the age limit for a specific game which can be a bad influence on your child, so try not to buy such games for your child.

Would You Give Up $50,000 For Gaming?

If you are smart enough then you must be thinking about the money and yes, it’s perfect. One should receive this huge amount of cash and spend it on buying the top gears for gaming and buying video games.

In majority, people will choose the option above if they’re smart but if they’re dumb they will most likely choose the first option that is giving up on gaming forever for life so that makes sense.

Playing smartly is the new thing in this new era and also the dodgy moves just like we played above.

It is known that money is not everything though and it’s true but you can use that to buy your happiness and that happiness can be in any form of a game for a gamer it would be purchasing new releases and buying DLC etc.

If you care about making money through gaming then try to make a channel on YouTube or any other streaming site such as Twitch because it has a huge number of people and has a large community where you can stream your games on the platform also try to gain more subscribers and watch time.

Have You Ever Had To Stop Playing A Game Because It Was Too Scary?

It happens to all of the gamers present in this living world, for me yes it happened to me once there was a really scary game, I used to play it daily mostly at night. It consisted of so many jump scares and horror scenes which will make you pee your pants

I left playing that game after some time because it made me so scared that I was having visions of the games later, anyways I then started playing it again at daytime and slowly I got used to it and got myself right into that thing again and it was no longer a problem for me as I got used to it.

Has Gaming Made Any Changes To Your Life?

In today’s world, people usually mock and laugh at you when you tell them that gaming has made changes to me or in my personality. What they don’t know about the fact is that they mostly have not experienced it.

If a person gets inspired by a good gaming character then they start liking that character and get starts to fall in love with that character’s personality and then gradually they start copying their style, way of walking, way of talking and the way he owns their heart they try to own the people’s heart by copying their personality and yes it has makes changes to many people. Some have bad experiences as well but in the majority, most people have had a good impact on them.


If we are talking about the impact of gaming on us then I would say I’m not speaking in the favor of gaming or against it. It has a lot of effects on our society there are bad impacts as well but people get themselves into drugs and killing while some have learned about some good things such as becoming a heroic character in their life.

Several people make a living from this hobby by utilizing sites such as YouTube and Twitch. They spend most of the time on streaming and video uploading about gaming and they make thousands of dollars if they have been subscribed by a large number of audiences. Also by doing that they have earned a lot of prestige and honor and they live in the hearts of their audience and that is also known as their contribution to this gaming community.

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