How to Grow your Business In India with SAP(B1) ERP

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SAP Business One Modules

SAP B1 is arranged into 15 functional modules, covering the typical functions in a business organization.

1. Administration

2. CRM

3. Financials

4. Opportunities Sales - A/R

5. Purchasing - A/P

6. Business Partners

7. Banking

8. Inventory

9. Resources

10. Production

11. Project Management

12. Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

13. Service

14. Human Resources

SAP Implementation Services

Get your SAP Business One up and running fast with the help of our expert consultants

Indivar Software solution believes that the most effective implementation approach is to work in partnership with our customers. All of our projects follow Indivar Software solution formal methodology leveraging industry best practices and our long-standing experience to minimize risk and ensure project success. We work to understand your unique business – so that you can get the most value from SAP Business One technology across your organization.

Indivar Software solution will work with you to deliver a four-part implementation strategy:

Indivar Software solutionimplementing SAP® Business One

1. Blueprint:

- Strategy development and execution

- Diagnostics and identifying business improvement opportunities

- Discovery and health-check services

- Program and project management

- Change management

- Post-implementation reviews

- Risk management

- Performance analytics

- Data migration

2. Build:

- Installing and configuring the application

- Managing data migration

- Hardware upgrades, equipment, and installation where necessary

- Designing and fulfilling connectivity

3. Implementation:

- Financials & Inventory

- Data Imports

- SAP fixed assets & Intercompany

- Queries & Reports

- Administration & Advanced features

- Sales & Purchasing

4. Sustain:

SAP Business One solution

ERP calls for different operations and applications in different industries. Each industry has its own plus points in dealing with enterprise applications. A comparative study will help in analyzing them precisely. This can be understood well in this ERP Industry.

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