7 Things You Should Do To Reduce Mental Stress

Stress is one of the biggest issues troubling the global population scale, bigger than pandemics. Around one-third of the global population is suffering from extreme stress which is leading them towards their downfall, even suicides too. It has been observed that the majority of the people who commit suicide or take drastic steps towards self-harm are associated with stress and emotional disorders. Nowadays, children are adversely affected by stress on a scale which we can’t even fathom. Regardless of any caste, age, gender, religion, or divide, stress affects everyone equally. Hence, metal stress reduction needs our utmost attention. 

Why mental stress piles up?

The buildup of mental stress is due to a variety of reasons which may include work, peer pressure, finance, responsibilities, health, relationships, expenses, life stability, safety, performance pressure, etc. It should be known that almost anything can cause stress to a person in adherence to his/her bearing capacity, and cognitive skills. 

How can mental stress be reduced?

Stress reduction can be done through various techniques and methodologies, as per the comforts of person:

Deep Breathing

Trying deep breaths significantly helps in alleviating stress, as it helps in soothing the hormonal activity triggered by stress. With deep breaths, the parasympathetic nervous system in the human body gets activated, controlling the relaxation response. As more and more oxygen is pumped into the body, more peaceful the person feels.

Saying No

Often failure to say no can lead to the build-up of stress, due to various reasons. By establishing control in their decisions and life, mental stress vanishes to a certain extent. People should understand that even though they possess infinite potential they are bound by limited capacity. On exceeding it, people succumb to stress and mental issues. 

Reduction of caffeine

Caffeine is one prominent source of anxiety in people, as they are unable to determine their tolerance level. Chocolates, tea, coffee, energy drinks containing high levels of caffeine can cause huge stress and anxiety. 


It is one of the most crucial techniques that every stress-prone person must do. As people regularly apply physical stress on their bodies, their mental stress wanes off. 

Get motivated

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Healthy diet and supplements

People suffering from stress should take a healthy diet and should use certain natural supplements such as lemon balm, ashwagandha, green tea, valerian tea, Kava Kava which has been reported to have stress-relieving and anti-anxiety properties. Consuming omega3 fatty rich foods can also aid in reducing stress in people. 

Laugh hard

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