Conquering a native Lion sign is certainly not within the reach of ordinary people. Already with the aura that the Lion naturally wears because of the peculiarities of his birth. The (native) native of the Lion seems a priori a difficult target to reach so much the distinctive characters which its personality releases impose and dissuade the shy or the pusillanimous. So how do you go about taking the decisive step to lay the foundations for a relationship you've always dreamed of? The best is to identify the true personality of the Lion so as not to go astray in irremediable missteps!

The native of Lion and the world around

The sign of Leo has its origins from time immemorial in Greek mythology. It would correspond to the Nemean lion killed by Heracles when he completes his 12 works. The sign of Leo is linked to the fire element. In other words, the sun is the dominant star that lends its luster to the Lion, which therefore catches the eye…

The sign of Leo is linked to people born between July 23 and August 23. Radiating over its environment, the Lion needs to reign over the surrounding world. If his personality is warm and generous, it is nonetheless true that he is authoritarian and proud. The character traits that those around him notice first are his will, his passion and his dynamism. Besides, his generosity and loyalty are what his friends appreciate the most. He also needs those around him to feel good.

The Lion has innate aptitudes to earn his living because he knows how to use his flair to find sources of income which allow him to live. This is why finance is one of its hunting grounds in the professional field.

The Lion and love

The Lion lives a passionate love which he does not tolerate sharing. The native Lion is generally jealous and possessive. His hunting instinct makes him look for a prey that challenges him. Although frolicking is a deviation that he allows himself - without tolerating it for his (her) partner - the Lion can be faithful and loyal, attentive and devoted to his family.

Generally speaking, the native of Lion likes to seduce by the need to feel admired. He is an inveterate charmer who uses his sign of fire to exercise his domination over those around him. Expansive in nature, his romantic relationship is strongly influenced by his generosity but his (her) partner may not support his tendency to see the slightest small error in the other and while he ignores the serious faults he has.

Seducing a Lion Man

The native of Lion is in essence a seducer. The approach strategy is then to be more charming than him. The technique that pays every time is to stroke your ego.

Stroke the lion's mane in the direction of the hair

You have to know how to lavish compliments in a subtle way so as not to fall into the cliché of the crow and the fox. Complimenting him on what he is wearing, on his bodily expression and / or on what he is saying, feeds the conversation while weaving bonds of empathy to bring the affinities together.

Things that can offend a lion

Be careful not to give the impression of a power struggle in your approach. Tastes and colors should not be discussed, says an old adage. If yellow or orange is not your favorite color - or worse, if you don't like it - don't let it show because there is a good chance that it is hers.

Seducing a Lion Woman

The Lion appreciates outings of all kinds. The fact is that like the Lion man, the Lion woman likes to seduce. His warm personality also attracts the admiration and / or lust of those around him. His appearance is always neat. Elegant, she likes different shades of ocher but her color is that of the sun, yellow.

Know how to respect the milestones of your personality

The Lion woman is someone passionate and generally a philanthropist. Creative and sometimes theatrical, she assumes her responsibilities with panache. The gifts to give him and the words to keep must then revolve around these personality traits which are also qualities. Her hunting instinct explains why the Lion woman is not necessarily attracted to the suitors around her.

What is wrong with a native Lion

Although she likes being surrounded by admirers, she does not appreciate the obsequious and servile attention of those who fall into her nets. Easy prey tire quickly. Conversely, wanting to dominate it, in particular by expressing jealousy or a hint of possession, is conduct to be avoided with this independent person.

The love of a Lion that stands the test of time

The lion once conquered can be loyal and faithful. However, we must not neglect his need for recognition and especially this impetus towards an exceptional life where his sign pushes him. Her continual aspiration is to live a constantly renewed love dynamic.

Her big heart and her ideals are not just for her family. Even in the case, the Lion likes to surround himself with good society where friends remain an essential entity. It happens that the native of the Lion can not get rid of the marks that his sign bequeathed to him. In fact, he is in his family what a leader in his clan is: protective and paternalistic in the extreme. This duty that he gives himself sometimes pushes him to intransigence because he tends to confuse family and private property.

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