Fungal Infections And Its Types

Infection is term that complains the condition where a microorganism is present inside the host cell and causes sickness. Infection is caused by a foreign body is mostly caused by bacteria’s, viruses and fungi. Fungal infection is basically a skin disease caused by fungus. Skin is the largest organ of body and its key role is to protect your body invasion of foreign bodies. And mostly the skin is infected by fungal pathogens. These organisms that causes the infection lives on dirt, on household surfaces, plants and on other surfaces which are not cleaned properly. From there these germs attack your skin and causes fungal infection. And these fungal infections causes following symptoms on skin


As soon as your skin gets infected by a fungus your skin changes its colors and becomes red in appearance.


After the skin gets red you will feel irritation and itching. It forces you to run your fingers on your skin hardly in order to overcome itching and irritation.


Itching and irritation increases redness and also that part of skin start to swell. Swelling increases gradually and it is also painful when touched.


Blisters usually appear after swelling. They are small pockets of fluid popped up on skin. They cause irritation and are mostly filled with water or some pinky liquid.

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Types of fungal infections

Fungal infections mostly appear in damp areas of body. These infections are treatable and they are mostly non-life-threatening. They are curable and need medical attention on time. Gradually with proper care and by in taking medicines they can be treated. But they can transfer from one family member to another. Therefore it is necessary to take precautionary measure to protect from getting infected specially the ones living with you. A few of the common fungal infections are

Athlete’s foot

It is fungal infection that targets your toes. It is contagious disease spread from walking on dirty floors, using a unwashed towel or from wearing dirty clothes. Patients having athlete foot experiences itching at night. Scales are formed on skin and they cause irritation. In severe cases blisters are formed on toes and it becomes difficult for the patient to walk or take steps as it gets painful. They also face problems in wearing shoes due to formation of scales and blisters. It can spread from one person to another via close contact or from wearing each other shoes or by using towel of infected person.


It is a red, itch patch formed on skin caused by a fungus. Circular rashes are formed in the middle of skin and it very much familiar with athlete foot. These rings are formed mostly on arms, legs, buttocks and on trunk. They can be cured with the help of antifungal pills and by taking some safety measures or by making cleanliness your first priority.

Yeast infection

It is fungal infection of vagina. This infection causes irritation and intense itching. It affects the tissues of vagina and causes an issue in its opening. Patient feels like a burning like sensations and rashes also appear at the site of infection. Vaginal discharge gets painful and patient also complains about signs of redness, swelling, and unbearable itching that leads to sores and cracks. It is caused by some less typical types of fungus and there are three or four episodes of yeast infection once in year. As soon as you feel symptoms of redness or itching take the help of your primary care physician and this would help in treating yeast infection as early as possible.

Oral thrush

Oral thrush is an infection in which the normal organism Candida Albcians starts growing in your mouth. It out grows and cause white lesions on your tongue. It can spread from your mouth to your gums, involving tonsils and back of your mouth. It can affect people of all age groups it mostly occurs in little babies as they have a weaker immunity and couldn’t take proper care of themselves. It is a curable disease but it can get worse in immune-compromised patient as they are unable to fight the condition properly.

All these fungal infections are treatable and they only require proper care and help of a medical professional.

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