Steps to create a spectacular UX Case study

Creating a UX case study is an integral part of the UI UX design process. It's very much required for showcasing the works that a UI UX design company has gone through for various clients across the world. So if you are really serious about getting more tasks from the client's certain things need to be displayed on your online platform. It's just like a resume a candidate for job hunting prepares.

So to create a UX case study, there are certain things to take care of. We will be discussing the same in this blog.

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Case Study Overview

The case Study overview mainly should have two components. The first one is to write a summary of the whole project. Try to keep it in three or four sentences. It should summarize the entire case study. So you can develop a detailed case study with the help of the summary created. Remember, it helps!

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Define the Problem and Goal

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Scope of the project

This section describes the real possibility of your project for the client.

How does it benefit them and drive the maximum benefits from the project, what are the things that they need to execute? The Scope section deals with all these things. Make sure you mention the management skills that you have displayed during the implementation of the project. It may include things like time management skills, completing the project with the budget constraints, etc.

Target Audience

Target audience is the section of people that enjoy the benefits of the products or services that you deliver. So it should be clearly mentioned in your UX case study. Then only the people facing difficulties can identify themselves and thus respond to your business development team.

Try to answer questions like:

Who are those people?

How to deal with their issues?

What are the benefits that they will gain from implementing the same?


In this part of your UX case study, you mention the various steps that you made in the whole process. For different projects, the methods followed will be different. But in general, they will be following the steps mentioned below:

1 User research

2 User journey mapping

3 Wireframes

4 Mockups

5 Prototypes

6 User testing

7 UX writing

8 UI design

9 Accessibility testing

10 QA testing

The process section should also mention the various collaborations made during the implementation of the project. For example, user research will be done by some other team. So do say them in the same way here.

Deliverables and Outcome

In this portion of the case study, describe the outcomes of the project that you dealt with. Also, what are the deliverables that the client can enjoy? For example, if the product that you have delivered is a mobile application. Then include the screenshots of the various sections of the mobile app etc.

Lessons learned

Everything that you do gives you a set of lessons. Sometimes you may have failed at the first attempt, but then you come successful after trying out some new methods.

So do write about all those kinds of stuff in this section. It will make the readers aware of the things to be taken care of while dealing with the same in their future.


Creating a spectacular case study has to be done systematically. So there are specific steps to be followed for creating a great case study. I hope this blog gave you some insight into the same.

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