A Closer Look At The Golf Drive

If an average watcher gives it a quick glance, golf may seem as simple as it gets. For them, it is just all about hitting the ball as nearest as possible to the hole. However, golf is not as easy as that. Even top professional golfers had tolerated weeks and months of training just to improve even the way they hit the golf ball.

Similar to other forms of physical activity, golf also needs practice in terms of a how a person will actually play the game. The game won’t be exciting when you just scream “FORE!!” and slice away and go par. Your caddy will fall asleep while you strike all the way to the hole because of boredom. One of the basic skills in golf that a golfer must master is the drive, which is also one of the most essentially significant.

The drive may seem as easy as it looks but it isn’t just all about looking cool when you strike the ball. It is one of the aspects that a golfer must focus on as it can greatly impact the result of his or her shot. Here are certain things that a beginner must follow to little by little master the game of golf.

The Right Club

golf club

Keep an Eye on the Hole

The golf player must keep his/her eye on the target. Not to the left or the right, but right on the target. The eyes should be parallel with the target. It greatly affects the direction of the shot upon impact and thus a big help in getting the ball as close to the hole as possible.

Keeping the Elbow Attached to the Hip

Having the right arm kept close to the hip ensures that the body will make the arms drive along with the club during impact. This makes the right arm bent, giving power with the position of the body.

Muscle should be Supple and Grip should be Soft

Maintaining a soft but firm grip makes one have a quicker release upon impact. Notice also that after swinging, golfers don’t put their arms right away? This is where “leaving the club at the top” comes in.

After the swing, leaving the club at the top will make the limbs and trunk rotate back first then the upper part of the body. In that manner, the feeling of strain won’t be felt. It will also make sure that the swings will be effortless after lots of practice.

Shorter Backswings

Too much swinging of the club will just let the golfer lose control. With the proper wrist hinge and making the body go on a full turn, will already contribute to the consistency of one’s drive.

Hip Rotation

Higher clubhead speed and distance is improved greatly by aggressive hip rotation. Doing this will create high torque in the body and will be strengthened making the swings stronger and farther.

The Spine Tilt

Tilting the spine from the target will help one to sweep up on the ball. Sweeping the ball up will create distance and this is a typical challenge among beginners. They seem to keep their bodies straight or on a reverse spine, therefore the ball loses its height and distance upon impact.

The Foot Anchor

If a golfer will use one of the feet as the anchor, it will make him hit longer. The anchor foot is the foot the golfer will swing away from and towards the golf ball. It also stops the golfer from going untimely on his or her downswing that will prevent the decrease of distance.

The positioning of the Hips and Shoulders

In order to make a drive solid, it will greatly depend on how the golfer maintains the backswing side motionless, as possible. This keeps the shoulders and hips on a level alignment at the same time make a solid rotation of the body.

The Baseball Swing

Baseball also involves swings as it does in golf. You practice swinging on a waist-level imagining as if a pitcher delivered the ball on a lower level. Feel the swing as if the golf club hit the ball and whisks thru impact. By doing so, you can have a well-established degree of speed and power on the swing. This will certainly lead to additional yards!

The Arms

It is a given truth that it’s always the trunk which has been the focal point of golf swings but doesn’t exclude the arms. You must maintain it fit and conditioned for your swing as it will make one’s golf swings like clockwork.

Minimizing Spin

golf ball

Staying In Shape

There is nothing better than being fit for any sport. Keeping the body in good condition will build more power, specifically in the swings and drives.

Playing golf isn’t simple. It involves discipline, and having a good drive will make sure that one will be able to sink the hole. It involves a lot of practice.

Get your Tiger Woods on!

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