Faring The Elements In Golf Because Of Galvin Green Waterproofs

Galvin Green Golf Waterproofs

Golfers at all levels of skill and ability to recognize the importance of dressing appropriately for the sport. Of utmost importance is comfort and functionality, the need to wear something that allows for freedom of movement. Imagine someone in a straight jacket trying to tee off. It’s not very practical. For golfers who play where the weather is windy and wet, it’s crucial to stay dry and warm as well.

The lightweight fabric is key, as is the ability to stay dry. Walking around a soaking course for several hours in a storm, it’s easy to work up a sweat even while getting doused on the outside by the drizzle from above. The Gore-Tex fabric used in the creation of the waterproofs collection from Galvin Green’s offerings does the trick. It’s designed to release the heat and moisture from the inside while repelling the water from the outside.

The entire ensemble, top to bottom, will ideally stay dry while you play. The water splashing up from the grass, as well as from the occasional errant swoosh of the club through the watery grass, can have you in clingy dripping slacks in no time unless they’re waterproofed.

A light cover, light enough to allow the free movement necessary for accurate strokes, yet durable enough to keep you warm in a harsh biting wind, is crucial. And the waterproofing quality of Gore-Tex is key.

Many agree that when you feel good you look good and when you look good you feel good. It’s all inter-related. So it makes sense that while you’re out on the course improving your handicap, the better you feel the better you’ll play. A bit of style can’t hurt, especially when that style enhances not only your sense of having a smart appearance but also is completely practical. Properly attired in weather-appropriate garb, you can stay focused on that hole in one rather than one.

Galvin Green Waterproofs

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