Application of Honeycomb Activated Carbon in Gas Filtration

Honeycomb activated carbon

Wide Application of Honeycomb Activated Carbon

2、 Honeycomb activated carbon is used in activated carbon adsorption box, which is an environmental protection equipment product for organic waste gas filtration and adsorption. The honeycomb activated carbon adsorption box can be made of stainless steel, carbon steel, PP board and other materials. The honeycomb activated carbon adsorption box has the advantages of high adsorption efficiency, wide application range, convenient maintenance and simultaneous treatment of a variety of mixed waste gas. The honeycomb activated carbon has the functions of removing formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC and other harmful gases, disinfection and deodorization. The honeycomb activated carbon adsorption tower is widely used Electronic components production, battery (battery) production, pickling operation, laboratory exhaust, metallurgy, chemical industry, medicine, coating, food, brewing and other organic waste gas treatment.

3、 The organic waste gas is powered by the fan, and enters the honeycomb activated carbon adsorption box under positive or negative pressure. Due to the unbalanced and unsaturated molecular gravity or chemical bonding force on the solid surface of the honeycomb activated carbon, when the solid surface contacts with the gas, it can attract the gas molecules, make it concentrate and maintain on the solid surface, thus the pollutants are adsorbed After being adsorbed by the filter, it enters the dust removal system of the equipment, and the purified gas is discharged at high altitude. The saturated honeycomb activated carbon can be recycled and regenerated to reduce the cost. Therefore, it is said that the honeycomb activated carbon can achieve twice the result with half the effort in waste gas treatment.

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