UK short-term study visa

study in UK visa

The basic requirements for obtaining a short-term study visa are quite simple.

The student must:

To receive an offer of a place in a short-term study program in the UK is an educational institution permitted by the Ministry of the Interior to accept international students;

Have enough money to spend on your studies and live in the UK during your studies;

Have enough money to pay for travel to and from the UK.

How long can a student stay in the UK?

You can stay in the UK until:

Six months for studying in English courses or another short-term program;

Eleven months to attend an English course if you are 18 or more years old.

You can apply for a short-term study visa no more than three months before traveling to the UK.

What documents do you need to provide?

Together with the application for a short-term study visa, the student must provide the following documents:

Valid passport with at the minimum one page blank on both sides;

A letter of student enrollment in a training course should be drawn up on the school letterhead and contain the name of the course, its duration, start date and cost of study and accommodation;

Evidence that the student can financially support himself during the trip; such documents may include bank statements or payroll statements for the last six months

Student travel plan for the country;

If the student is not working

If the student does not work, the following documents must be attached to the visa application:

A sponsorship letter from the person paying for the trip, indicating the degree of relationship or the nature of the relationship with the student, indicating what is being sponsored.

Certificate from the sponsor's place of employment indicating and bank documents of the sponsor

Documents proving the relationship with the

Additional documents

The documents below are optional. However, if collecting them is not too burdensome for the student, we recommend receiving them:

Certificate of employment on company letterhead with the seal of the organization, address, phone number and confirmation that the visa applicant works in this organization and receives a salary of a certain level;

Certificate from the place of study for schoolchildren and students;

If the student owns real estate or securities - copies of certificates of ownership or vehicle registration certificate;

Students under 18 years old

Students under 18 years of age traveling alone without parents must additionally provide the following documents:

Permission from parents or guardians to travel to study in the UK;

Contact details of at least one parent or guardian;

Copy of the Country passport one of the parents

Students up to 16 years old

Students under 16 years traveling alone without parents must additionally provide the following documents:

A letter from the school confirms that the school notified local authorities of the student's arrival before the age of 16 and contained information about the school or agency employee engaged for the student during his visit to the UK.

Traveling with an Adult

If the student is minor and the student travels to the UK with an adult, the student must indicate that person's name in his visa application.

How to apply for a visa

An application for a visa is submitted online in English on the official website of the UK Visa Service.

Documents are handed in personally to the visa service at the British Embassy in the student's country. To book a student's visit to the visa service, you need to register on the website of the British Visa Center and arrive at the British Visa Center at the appointed time to submit documents and biometric data.

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