4 Free UML Tools to Decrease the Stress of Writing UML Assignments

Unified Modeling Language, or we can say UML is a structured software engineering modeling language. It is a general-purpose modeling language that is rich in diagrams & graphic notations. It is used to construct visual representations of object-oriented systems. Because of its importance, universities around the globe are offering major courses in UML, and UML assignments are given to students. These students sometimes find themselves in trouble when creating UML diagrams because of the vast number of concepts involved. This is where they get stuck and avail the best UML assignment help from the experts.

So, to help those students, the Global Assignment Help experts have mentioned a list of 5 free UML tools that will help them lessen their stress of assignment writing.

Let's have a look at those tools one by one…

Tool 1 - Altova

It is a useful UML tool that helps you create visual software design. These visual design applications can be generated using various languages such as Java, C, C++, or some basic ones. If you're assigned a UML assignment like this where you have to use a different language, then this tool is the right option for you. Its core characteristics are:

l. You can add hyperlinks to any feature of your UML diagram using this method.

2. You can add an item to a specific layer of your diagram as well.

Tool 2 - UML Designer Tool

It is a graphical tool used for visualizing and editing the UML 2.5 models. If you don't have enough time to draw UML diagrams in your assignment, use this tool to draw various diagrams that are:

1. Deployment Diagram

2. Activity Diagram

3. Class Diagram

4. Use Case Diagram

5. Component Diagram

Tool 3 - Draw.IO

You can use this tool if you want to construct flowcharts, network diagrams, entity relationships, and much more besides the UML diagrams. Using this tool helps to save time by creating flowcharts and entity-relationship diagrams in your assignment given, and this is how you can submit your work within the deadline. Its basic features are:

l. The number of sizes isn't limited.

2. The tool lets you save the layout in the desired location.

Tool 4 - Umbrello

This is a form of a UML modeling tool running under both Linux and KDE. It is one of the best tools to draw all types of UML diagrams. So, you can also try this tool to draw diagrams in your UML assignment. Its underlying features are:-

l. It helps you draw diagrams in the default format.

2. It offers you a guide that helps to understand the umbrello's working.


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