What are the 3 types of construction

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Let's take a look at what the stair crew should know about each stair type.

Fire resistant

Type 1 structures are located on high floors and are the strongest of all types when exposed to fire. High floors are generally defined as buildings taller than 75 feet, while some agencies make changes for buildings tall 35 to 55 feet. "Magnum Crete"

Type 1 constructions are made of concrete and shielded steel (steel that is coated with refractory material, mostly concrete mix) and are designed to last for a long time to keep the fire in the bay. and/or soil of origin.

Stair companies should be aggressive in securing stairwells to firefighters and victims who are evacuating the structure. If necessary, the floors depend on the floor of the stairwell company and the effectiveness of all 10-12 fans.


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Lead teams should cut an inspection hole on the roof to identify the terrace material. Once a metal roof is approved, the crew on the roof should consider opening the skylights or resorting to natural ventilation in the form of large roller shutters, which are usually located in the ventilation opening.


Type 3 buildings can be new or old with fireproof walls and a wooden roof. Older buildings can consist of non-reinforced walls and have a traditional frame roof, while new buildings have light roof systems that are supported by reinforced walls or sloping floors. The most common roof systems in the commercial environment of type 3 construction include parallel cable ties and paneled roof systems.

To determine if a building has an older style, firefighters should look for clues such as ties, rows of kings, and arched lintels. When firefighters work in one of these buildings, they should suspect traditional framed materials, roofs, or roofs over roof systems that may be worn. If the roof turns out to be rentable, a staircase should be able to use chainsaws effectively to ventilate the building and make appropriate cuts depending on the type of roof system.

design type

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