Sightseeing Places & Things To Do Near Chennai

Chennai is one of those places that are surrounded by many tourist destinations around it, to impress travelers of all age groups. There are many religious places, amusement parks, beaches, etc. that tourists can explore when traveling around Chennai. Since the list of places is too long, Myles (provides the best car hire in Chennai) has shortlisted some of the sightseeing places near Chennai that you must visit while you are in Chennai.

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Off-beat Places Near Chennai :


Chennai to Chandragiri Distance: About 150 km

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Things to do in Chandragiri: Explore Chandragiri Fort and Raja Mahal Palace (the archaeological museum) inside the fort. 


Chennai to Yelagiri Distance: 227.5 km

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Things to do Yelagiri: Visit the Punganur Lake, Vainu Pappu solar observatory, fruit farm, Velavan temple, and the herbal farm. You can also trek up to Jalagamparai waterfalls and Swamimalai Hill (the highest point in Yelagiri).


Chennai to Tranquebar Distance: About 275 km

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Things to do in Tranquebar: Visit Dansborg Fort and Museum, New Jerusalem Church, Church of Zion, and Pandiyan Masilamani Nathar temple.

Horsely Hills

Chennai to Horsely Hills: 278 km

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Things to do to Horsely Hills: Visit Gaalibanda, Environmental Park, and Horsley Museum. Enjoy outdoor activities like trekking, zorbing & rappelling.

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