Brands Accepts Cryptocurrencies

Likewise, many brands started accepting cryptocurrencies. Travala the popular travel booking portal, has recently partnership with the popular Crypto Exchange binance

Let’s have a look at brands which accept cryptocurrency payment methods.


Microsoft CEO Billgates says

Bitcoin is better than currencies

In the year 2014, Microsoft started accepting bitcoins later then, the company put it on hold. After some significant growth in the crypto industry they begin to accept cryptos


Paypal, is the first ever payment gateway which accepts bitcoin payment. It is integrated with the crypto exchanges such as paxful, BitPay, Coinbase,, etc. It only accepts bitcoin payment and other cryptos might be considered in the future


This popular on-line shopping site started accepting bitcoins from the year 2013. Like Paypal only bitcoin alone is accepted here


Overstock is the popular e-shopping website that accepts cryptos such as bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc. They not only using cryptos as a payment tool this website also holds bitcoin in their site for future benefits acts as a mediator between amazon websites and users who want to buy products with bitcoin. By making use of this site, one can get a 15-20% discount on the product. We can say it is a kind of cashcraft site.

They have almost 2,00,000 users and they saved nearly 6 million USD from buying products from amazon in overall.


Lolli is the rewarding giving platform one can get free bitcoins form lolli to do shopping sites like walmart, overstock, hotwire, etc

Travala and Expedia

One can pay Expedia hotels via cryptos through Travala and the interesting thing is that almost 7,00,000 Expedia hotels accepts cryptocurrency payment method

KFC Canada

KFC Canada started accepting bitcoin for providing food.. Below is their tweet regarding the bitcoin acceptance.

KFC Canada presents The #Bitcoin Bucket. Sure, we don’t know exactly what Bitcoins are, or how they work, but that shouldn’t come between you and some finger lickin’ good chicken


Coincards is the best tool to buy bitcoins from the stores which does not support cryptos. They offer gift cards for cryptocurrencies and by making use of the gift card one can easily do the payment.


Namecheap is the domain name purchasing company that accepts bitcoin as a payment method.


This company accepts almost 50+ cryptocurrencies from the year 2013 and the one and only payment gateway is Cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Exchange Development Company

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