Tukish dessert kunefe recipes

Turkish dessert Kunefe recipes 재료 카타이피(kataifi) 150-200g 버터(butter)100g 설탕(sugar)100ml 물(water)100ml 치즈(cheese)70g 레몬즙(lemon juice)2T step. 1.Add water, sugar and lemon juice to make syrup 2.Cut the kataifi thinly and mix with melted butter 3.Spread butter on a pan and stack it in order of kataifi-cheese-kataifi 4.Bake for about 5-7 minutes over low heat, then turn over and bake until the other side is also brown 5.Finally, pour syrup 6.If you eat delicious, it's over~ Thanks for watching https://youtu.be/QX7mg4bZyFo

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