The delicious soup: 25+ ways to cook delicious soup of the Vietnamese family

The delicious soup from meat

The delicious soup - Corn beef star fruit cooking

Beef stew star fruit is one of the simple soups but the taste is very delicious when the sweetness of the beef broth is added with the sourness of star fruit ... Beef beef has the advantage of being brittle than other beef parts by Mixed tendon, very suitable for the stew.

When cooked thoroughly, the tender pieces of beef together with the crispy ribs make the dish not sick. Add a few slices of sour starfruit into the pot of beef to stew together will be a delicious, nutritious soup.


Delicious soup - Beef soup with starfruit

The delicious soup - sauerkraut beef soup

Beef and pickle soup must be no stranger to Vietnamese meals. When the hot days are coming, this dish is on the throne. Each piece of soft sweet beef mixed in sweet and sour broth will help you beat the summer heat.

Beef and sour soup bowl sour, sweet, sweet, fat of beef flower beef will give much rice. In addition, this soup also helps you nourish the body, helping to quickly regain many nutrients lost.


Delicious soup - sauerkraut beef soup


350g beef tendon;

250g pickles;

2 tomatoes;

Scallions, ginger, dry onions;

Spices: Salt, cooking oil, seasoning seeds, sugar, monosodium glutamate.


Step 1: Preliminary processing

Peeled ginger, julienne; pickles washed, cut into pieces; tomatoes washed, cut areca zone.

Beef tendon washed. Pour the tendon into the pot of water with vinegar or white wine boiled, then take it immediately into cold water. Then cut into bite-sized pieces. Marinate with a little salt, cooking oil, ginger, a little seasoning, a little sugar, some cooking wine and then mix well; about 40 minutes to let the beef tendon infuse.

Step 2: Processing

Put the pan on the stove, add the oil and minced garlic into the aromatic, then stir the beef tendon in and stir for about 7 minutes for the beef tendons to hunt, then turn off the heat.

Add water to the pot, bring to a boil, then stir fry the beef tendons. Next, cook until the tendon is soft and tender. At this point, add the tomatoes and the pickles. Then taste again with seasoning seeds, MSG, sugar to taste. Cook until the soup boils again and turn off the heat.

The delicious soup - Beef soup with enoki mushrooms

The mushroom soup with enoki mushroom is a familiar and strange soup for Vietnamese people. However, it cannot be denied the delicious and nutritious of this dish.

Enoki mushroom soup originated from Korea and when appearing in Vietnam, it quickly won the hearts of everyone for its delicious and nutritious.


Delicious soup - Beef broth with enoki mushrooms

The delicious soup - Chicken and leaf soup

Chicken wing and giang chicken soup is a rustic dish and suitable to eat in any weather. Soup with two main ingredients is chicken and giang leaves, good for health because it has a cooling and detoxifying properties, especially good for people with typhoid, white blood, hemorrhoids hemorrhage and ailing body. tired…


Delicious soup - Chicken and leaf soup

The delicious soup - Chicken Mushroom soup

Referring to chicken soup, how can you forget the typical flavor of chicken mushroom soup. Not only delicious, but this dish is also very nutritious for pregnant women, the elderly or those who are newly ill.


Delicious soup - Chicken Mushroom soup


1/2 chicken

20g shiitake mushrooms

1/2 cup green bow tie

1 carrot

10g goji berries


Spices: salt, sugar, seasoning seeds


Step 1: Preliminary processing

Chicken: close to salt to reduce the smell of chicken, wash and chop into pieces to eat and then marinate.

Deaths: soaked with water and then washed, drained.

Shiitake mushrooms: soak in water for the mushrooms to rise, remove the bottom of the mushrooms and wash them well

Carrots: peeled, washed and chopped.

Cauliflower: washed, cut into bite-sized pieces.

Scallions: remove roots, wash, slice.

Step 2: Processing

First, put a pot of water on the stove for chicken meat after marinating for about 10 minutes into the pot, then add chili, then smash the chicken to smell. Cook chicken with a small fire for about 5 minutes then remove all discharge, chili and the scum of chicken above.

Then, you put the shiitake mushrooms and goji berries into the simmer with chicken. Until the ingredients are cooked, add the carrots and boil together.

You should have some spices such as sugar, salt, and seasoning seeds to taste. Finally, add the green bow soup to cook and turn off the heat. So you have a delicious chicken pot mushroom soup.

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