What Is Next Generation Algo Trading And Its Benefits

Imagine a trading software which observers stock market algorithms and performs automatic functions of buying stocks as per the algorithm changes. Such trading software is next generation, powerful as well as flexible based on an algorithmic platform for stock trading. They use the trading charts and deliver automatic trading functions. It is used to increase automation in stock trading using stock market algorithms.

Such software manages the automated end-to-end trading lifecycle of a stock, which includes feeding market data, overall risk management, a system of order management, order routing as well as have an extensive range of attributes that are advance in nature. Algo trading is once such form of trading.

Algo Trading

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Who should use Algo?

● Anyone who has been into buying stocks for a long time now, and completely comprehends both the risks and rewards that are involved in the Algo trading.

● Traders who are already into buying and selling the strategies, but wish to automate it all now.

● The technical analysts who wish to switch from manual to automatic, and wish to automate their manual ways of trading.

● Any wealth manager, who wish to trade for their clients.

Features of Algo

● The platform is technologically rich and has strong infrastructure to support a cutting edge performance.

● AmiBroker is one of the charting tools in its interface.

● Python SDK’s, REST, .NET are the key attributes of REST APIs in Algo.

● The assistance is provided in strategy coding.

● The customized strategies can be developed thoroughly.

● There are pre-approved and pre-loaded strategies that are popular for ‘Plug-and-play” action.

Benefits of Algo

Though there are many, but best algo trading software has the below key benefits for their users.

● Manual intervention is not needed anymore.

● The decisions and all executions are automated, which reduces the time to take action on inputs, while human emotions can be avoided while trading without any disturbance.

● The strategies can scale up to much wider array of stocks which would not be practically feasible, if done manually.

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