Apply for the Visa as the Parent of a Child in the UK

The UK immigration rules allow the parents of the children who are living in the UK to apply for a visa and live with them. In the “Section EC-PT: Entry clearance as a parent of a child in the UK”, all the requirements and required can be found easily. This section is a part of Appendix FM that is the main body of the UK immigration rules. When you get into the appendix, then find out “Family life as a parent of a child in the UK” this is a bit confusing but it is related to the same way.

parent of a british child visa

ü Relationship proof with the child

ü Not be in any relationship with the guardian of the child or the other parent

ü Evidence that they intend to take the continue upbringing of the child.

The parent of the British child also needs to be:

ü Outside of the UK

ü The age should be of 18 years.

ü Able to maintain accommodation for any dependents on arrival to the UK

ü Ability to speak English to an acceptable level

The British child must be:

ü Residing in the United Kingdom

ü Under 18 years of age

ü Settles in the UK or having a British nationality

administrative review uk visa

Make an application

You can make an application for this visa type by filling out an application form and paying an amount of £ 1,523. The applicant also needs to pay Immigration health surcharge of £200 for every year when they get a visa. The duration of this visa is 2.5 years and the total health surcharge is £500.

When the application has submitted and you have paid the fees, then you will be invited to book an appointment at the local UK application center for biometric. It is an essential part and they also take photographs as well.

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