Potty Training 101 - 8 Super Simple Tips for Toilet Training Fussy Toddlers

Potty training is a complex process, and each child goes through it in their own unique, fun, and sometimes frustrating way. It can be a challenging time, but it can also be a time for you to bond better with your toddler, let her gain confidence, and grow in a healthy manner.


Quick Question — What is the main purpose of potty training?

Answer — The short of it is this — teaching your children how to identify and recognize the feelings and sensations they go through just before they need to use the potty.

know this — the path to potty training success is quite curvy!

So, tons of patience, boatloads of determination, and shiploads of love will make you and your tot persevere and come out as fully toilet-trained winners in the end. Let’s dig in!

1. Is your tot ready?

Okay, so before you dive into the potty training universe head-on, are you sure your child is developmentally ready to be trained?

Because even the gentlest of tots won’t accept your training program if they’re not ready to start pooping and peeing on their cute and colorful potty — no matter how much you coax and urge them to it.

Here are 3 definite signs that your toddler is ready to let go of their diapers for good.

She tells you every time she pees or poops in the diaper.

He thinks dirty diapers are gross and wants you to change him ASAP.

Their bowel movements are on a more regular schedule than before.

2. Build it up & go potty shopping together.

Get your tiny tot excited about the upcoming training by talking positively and enthusiastically about it. Tell fun stories. Get them some fun potty training books, etc. This will help them understand what it is they’re going to do, and the entire process of it.

Next, go shopping together. Buy fun, colorful big-baby underwear with them and let them choose a potty they like. But be sure that they know what a potty is before you take your child shopping, ’cause if not, then she might end up thinking of it as a toy!

3. Create a schedule for your potty training plans.

Get on a strict schedule and adhere to it so your child understands when it is time for potty. A day or two can be skipped. But don’t make a habit of it, or your child won’t take the training seriously.

4. Get some fun rewards as motivation boosters for your kid.

your kids help with house chores

Pro Tip 

5. Want toilet training success? Then start with dressing up your tot for the part.

potty training

6. Let him run around bare-bottom for a bit.

So, pick a private backyard or a room where you can wash off the floor with ease, and put some washable toys there. Then remove your child’s bottoms and let him trot around bottom-nude to develop his awareness of his body’s signals.

This works because in the absence of a diaper, he cannot hold it in. At least not for too long.

Pro Tip 

7. Make potty time fun!

Grab a Pee-Kaboo Reusable Potty Training Sticker and put it on your tot’s potty. When your toddler pees on it, it will form an image of a train or a truck or a flower even. Once it is emptied, cleaned, and dried, the image can be reused for up to 6 weeks.

Toddlers will love to go on their potty when they know their pee will make a “magical” sticker appear out of nowhere!

8. Lastly, keep telling yourself every day — patience is a virtue.

Two things to note here.

Peeing comes easily on the potty than pooping.

Pooping on the potty takes a lot more time and effort.

Having said that, let’s add one more crucial thing here — every child is different. According to experts, toilet-teaching can take a year (or less) and is never quite smooth.

Your little person’s level of communication, her awareness of her body signals, and her needs are all different from other children. So, don’t get frustrated, and remember — patience is key.

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