Medical Cannabis in the UK – 3 Points You Need to Keep in Mind

medical cannabis in the UKmedical cannabis in the UK

1. They are not for recreational use

medical cannabis in the UK

This drug can also harm the lungs, affect fertility, and affect an unborn child's brain development. Because of these side effects, the NHS strictly provides guidelines and regulations on who can use it, who can prescribe it, and when can it be used for medical reasons.

2. They can be prescribed only by specialists

medical cannabis in the UK

3. Unlicensed medicinal cannabis must only be prescribed when licensed drugs are no longer effective

Your specialist can only prescribe cannabis-based products for medicinal use if and only if you no longer respond well to other medication/licensed products you are currently taking. If you are exploring the possibility of using cannabis for your condition, talk to your GP and ask for a clinical referral so you can talk to a specialist. Evaluations are done on a case-to-case basis. Your medical specialist will design a cannabis treatment plan based on your unique circumstances.

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