Using JioMeet: How to Host, Schedule Meetings and Share Screen on the App

New kid on block

Last week jio the telecom giant launched its own take on a video conferencing solution jiomeet brings all the essential features you need in a video calling app in a package that is available for free to users however soon after the app was launched it was surrounded by controversy jiomeet was called out on social media for being a zoom copycat starting off with the icons it is easy to see where jiomeet might have got the idea from the rounded icons to the layout and even the color scheme the two apps are nearly identical this week jiomeet updated the app to change the icons and color scheme it is easy to see thatThe app was inspired by zoom if you thought you need to be a jio customer to have jio meet that's not the case anybody can download the app and sign up for this service

Jiomeet is launched as an alternative app for Zoom .Zoom is a cloud-based video communications app that allows you to set up virtual video and audio conferencing , but it has privacy issues . Jiomeet is almost ZOOM with different themes but Same approach .

Jiomeet is available on Android, iOS, macOS and Windows

One of the best aspects of using JioMeet is that the service is available for free

You need to register yourself on the app in order to make use of it

Browse JioMeet’s webpage from your browser. Scroll to the top right and click on ‘sign up’

Fill in your name and your email address or phone number

(Sign up screen of jiomeet)

After filling out all required information you will receive an OTP to complete the signup process

Jiomeet allows you to host a meet or join one

In order to host a meeting just set it up according to your requirements there's a password system to ensure only authorised users can gain access to your meeting

If you wish to join a meeting well it's same but this time you need to use a browser or Pc/Mac

Fill in the meeting code and password if asked

Jiomeet is promoted as safe video conferencing platform

With the claim of security it basically irons out almost all flaws.

Jiomeet provides a controlled environment

Cyberbullying is what teachers and students suffer from during an online session you can control whom you want to cut off from the meeting or turn of their visual and audio contact .

How to share screen on jiomeet

To share your screen with other users, on Android and iOS, you can choose to do so when in between a meeting

Simply click on share screen, and select ‘start now’ on Android or ‘start broadcast’ on iOS

If you are a Business owner and wish to use your very own domain you can do so by registering with your Business domain .

Jiomeet highlights

Zoom only allows 40 minutes video calls after which the call gets shut so if you were planning a zoom party with your friend it would end after 40 minutes and you would need to restart the call jio is a lot more generous here and allows video calls as long as 24 hours for free both video calling services can be used on all major platforms this includes android mac ios and windows in fact you can even use video calling through the browser

both jiomeet and zoom let you invite

others to a video call with a link the

best part is you just have to click a link and can join your video call without signing in additionally both services will let you easily schedule a call

for a future time and share the link

ahead of time an extra advantage that

zoom has over jiomeet is that it offers end-to-end encryption what this means is that if you're very cautious about your privacy and the information that you're sharing over the video call is very critical

So , where does jiomeet cuts corners ?

if you want to add more than 100 members to your call on zoom it is easy to subscribe to a premium plan to unlock more features depending on the plan this can be 300-500 or even more users so if you're planning to host a large video session in your office

zoom might be the better option zoom

premium plans can even give you unique options like custom link that you can share with other people it will also give you an online storage for storing video call recordings jiomeet offers no such premium features overall jiomeet is a very good option

if you just want to get started with video calls and don't have too many users

Jiomeet is good but not perfect

4.7 Star App Store Review!***uke
The Communities are great you rarely see anyone get in to an argument :)
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