Five Simple Strategies That Can Scale Your Zomato Clone Among the Target Audience

The food delivery services market has been one of the most successful and everlasting sectors in the on-demand app industry. As the popularity of these platforms increases, several entrepreneurs venture into the field and establish their food delivery app. However, among thousands of apps launched, only a handful are becoming successful and registering a place in users’ smartphones.

Zomato clone

Let your welcome screen be intuitive

It is the welcome screen on the app site that creates the first impression with the customers. Hence, make sure that it is appealing to the audience. A logo with preferably your brand name or a swipe-across carousel can do the trick. While this strategy is simple, it plays a crucial role in enhancing the app experience and lets users anticipate more.

Enable a single-step registration

The next significant strategy to consider deals with the registration process. According to recent data, almost 77% of the users prefer social media login when given a choice. Hence, ensure that you complete the registration process within a flash. Restricting the user details to the minimum can reduce the overall time taken by users on the registration page.

Guide users for the first-time

Instead of leaving the users stranded after the registration, provide a walk-through option, wherein you guide them through the multiple features of the app. This way, even those smartphone users who do not have much experience with on-demand apps can rely on your platform.

Ask and store location preferences

It is the responsibility of a food delivery platform to let users know the importance of enabling location settings. By doing so, customers needn’t set the locations every time during ordering. They can pinpoint locations as home, workplaces, etc., thereby leading to enhanced convenience.

Provide personalized features after profile completion

Personalization is a great way to let users know that the app offers services based on their interests. Hence, after the sign-up process, navigate users to complete their profiles by choosing their favorite cuisines, restaurants, etc. This way, you can provide offers and discounts on their dishes, leading to customer retention.

Summing up,Summing up,

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