Easiest Bathroom Tile Cleaning Hack!

No doubt, no one likes to clean the dirty tiles in the bathroom. But cleaning hacks will help to do it in a better way. however, you can’t clean complete bathroom and tiles in the same way. For this, you need to adopt the proper bathroom cleaning hacks to make it less hectic.

How To Maintain Bathroom Tile Cleaning Regularly?

Well, cleaning and sweeping is the part of regular activities to keep the bathroom clean. However, it doesn’t help efficiently to remove stains and spills from the tiles. For this, you need to do additional floor cleaning to keep it shinier and stain-free. So, we are providing a few tips related to the tile cleaning that helps the floor from trailing their shine.

Try to clean the spills and stains on the floor immediately. It helps to prevent staining on the grout.

Vacuum the washroom tiles regularly to remove dry dirt and dust.

Try to mop out all the solution or cleaning products with water.

Never use bleach and hard chemicals for tile cleaning grout. Otherwise, it will damage the sealant.

Try to keep the bathroom aired. Because of humidity stains and mould developed on the ceramic.

No matter what’s the type of ceramic, stains and mould make the tiles dirty and infected with bacteria. However, temperature, humidity and spills due to food or any other thing are also caused by bacteria and stains on the ceramics.

No doubt, it’s impossible to prevent bacteria completely that cause stains and spills on tiles. But natural ways and professional cleaning will help to minimize that germs as well as a keep floor beautiful.

A Few Ways To Clean The Tiles Naturally:

Bathroom tile cleaning

Moreover, it will help to keep your bathroom shinier as well as refresh.

Remove Stains:

To remove the stains on the floor and tiles, baking soda is the best product. Mop out bathroom tiles with warm water and baking soda solution. It will clean the tiles as well as give a fresh smell by adding the essential oil.

Remove Mold And Mildewed:

Lemon juice is the best thing to get rid of mould and mildewed on bathroom and shower tiles. For this, mix lemon juice with baking soda and separately with water. Leave the mixture on the affected areas for a few hours. After this, rinse off with warm water. It will give quick results through removing mould.

Remove Residues:

To remove the remaining residues after cleaning, you can use the paint thinner as well. It’s bleaching properties will help to remove the stains through effective cleaning. however, don’t use it on wood.

Get Rid Of bacteria:

tiles cleaning

Before using all these natural hacks, you need to make sure that these solutions are not damaging the floor or tiles. Bathroom tiles and grout cleaning is a time taking and messy process. So, if you don’t want to do it yourself then you can hire the professional cleaners also for this. They will help to get a healthy and clean home as well as a bathroom by providing sparkling results.

Use Antimicrobial protected Tiles:

Moreover, if the natural remedies are not working for bathroom and floor cleaning then its better to buy the ceramic tiles with antimicrobial properties. These properties avoid the growth of mould and stains on the surface.

Furthermore, microbial protection helps to keep the tiles hygienic and free of stains for a long time.


Regular cleaning and vacuuming are the best way to keep the tiles neat and free of germs. Moreover, aired bathrooms also prevent mould and stains on the floor and tiles. Moreover, you can use the products and cleaning solutions also to keep the tiles free of the stain as well as bacteria.

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