Prime Time: The 5 Greatest French Movies on Amazon Prime Right Now

The 5 Greatest French Movies on Amazon Prime Right Now1. "Avida"

"Avida" was presented in the 2006 Cannes Film Festival as the next movie co-directed by Benoît Delepine and Gustave Kervern after the massive success of the first film,"Aaltra."

A darker humor shot in black and white,"Avida" follows three men who try to kidnap a wealthy woman's dog and whose plans go miserably awry.

The trio is made up of deaf and mute animal-handler (played by Kervern) and two zookeepers (performed by Benoît and Eric Martin) that are addicted to the anesthetic ketamine. If their plot is found by the puppy's owner, Avida, she enlists them to help meet her deepest and greatest wish.

2. "Les Innocentes" ("The Innocents")

This is a relatively new film, having been published in February of 2016, and should be in the very top of your"Don't Miss" record!

This movie is set in Poland in the winter of 1945 shortly after the end of WWII. One of the main personalities, Mathilde Beaulieu (played by Lou de Laâge), is a medical student working with the French Red Cross to take care of French natives of the German Camps.

Her life is transformed when a nun turns up at the hospital one day and asks her to return to the neighboring convent.

When she arrives in the convent, Beaulieu finds that a number of the nuns are pregnant and starts to treat them secret as the narrative of what happened to these unfolds.

As the relationship between Beaulieu and the nuns advances, we're privy to a gorgeous story about the questions tragedy increases with regard to religion, the difficulties of post-war healing and the different ways in which people deal with horrors to which they've been subjected.

"Les Innocentes" is an emotionally difficult one to watch, but well worth it since this moving piece is actually based on a true story.

What's more, the film, which is directed by Anne Fontaine, includes an almost all-female cast--which makes it an even more unique piece.

It had been nominated for several César Awards and also won awards in the Norwegian, the Provincetown and the Valladolid International Film Festivals.

3. "Hors de Prix" ("Priceless")

Everyone's favourite actress, Audrey Tautou, stars in this romantic comedy as Irene, a woman having an expensive taste who pursues rich men to foot the bill for her extravagant lifestyle.

1 night, she wrongly identifies Jean (played by Gad Elmaleh), a bartender, for a wealthy gentleman. What Happens is a traditional and charming French comedy that is full of love, plot twists and quirky characters.

"Hors de Prix" is ideal for romance lovers, because it not only occurs on the French Riviera, among the world's most romantic places, but also won Best Kiss at NRJ Ciné awards in 2007.


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