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Business models to consider for food delivery app development Business models to consider for food delivery app development

Restaurant owned model

In this model, the restaurant takes care of the entire app management. In order to gain more revenue, the restaurant starts its application for food delivery. Although the initial investment is high, they gain a lot through these solutions. Dominos pizza app is a well-known example of functioning based on this model.

Aggregator based model

When a third party ties up with major restaurants, and they gain a commission for every order that the restaurant acquires through Eat24 like app. These apps take care of the packaging, delivering, and managing the application. But compared to restaurant owned app, the investment the cost incurred is far less as they do not have to own any outlets for preparing food. Eat24, Grubhub, Zomoto are some of the examples of apps based on the aggregator model.

Hybrid model

As the name suggests, this model is a combination of the restaurant and aggregator based models. Restaurants own the food ordering app and can collaborate with third parties for packaging and delivering.

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