How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

Many people want to have great hair most of the time. We use shampoo to clean it and give it a finish or a new style whenever we want. But more than a proper style, cleaning and maintaining the hair is very important.

Isn't personal hygiene covering a person's whole body? It's like that. Therefore, we are asked to cleanse the entire body daily from the foot heat. Sometimes, however, we don't all agree that hair should be washed daily. Some people believe that daily use of shampoo and conditioner is harmful to the hair and can cause dryness.

The truth is that you don't cause damage to your hair if you wash it every day. What matters are the products (shampoo and conditioner) you use, the amount you apply to your hair and the temperature of the water you use. When choosing your shampoo, make sure you choose the one that suits your hair type: oily, dry or smooth.

The next step is to choose the correct water temperature when you wash your hair. Go to the hot temperature, which means it should not be too hot. Using hot water can remove natural oils from the skin and cause flaking or dandruff.

After preparing your water, it's time to get your shampoo. But wait, don't forget to pour just enough in the palm of your hand, then gently massage into your hair and scalp while lathering. When massaging the scalp, use your fingertips and make light circular movements for about 10 seconds. A massage helps blood circulation and removes dead skin cells and oil. Just be careful not to tangle your hair.

In addition to shampoo, conditioner is another product used for hair. It is for the hair and not for the scalp. Your goal is to smooth the hair cuticles and untangle the strands after shampooing. However, hair experts recommend using regular conditioners instead of the no-rinse type or two in one.

Rinsing is a critical part of washing the hair. According to professional hairdressers, the best way to do this is to stay under running water to ensure that no residue remains on the hair. Also, rinse twice if possible.

Now that you've washed your hair, the drying and styling are as follows. Ideally, towel drying is preferable. Gently touch your hair with a towel, making sure it doesn't drip, and then let it dry naturally. You can use a hair dryer, but you have to do it properly. To avoid damaging your hair, first hold the blow dryer about six inches from your head at high speed and high temperature and lower it when your hair begins to dry. You can turn off the dryer from time to time when your hair is still damp. We do not recommend that you completely dry your hair with the device as this can cause split ends and breakage.

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