Advantages And Disadvantages Of Installing Grey Quartz Worktops In Your Property

Stone surfaces, especially in grey quartz, are flexible and low maintenance options to be placed in any kitchen or house area. With proper care, they maintain their strength and great looks.

Grey is one of the most preferred quartz worktop colours for installation in homes, as well as in commercial spaces like restaurant kitchens and office bathrooms. Apart from its shade range, many other factors make grey quartz a hit for all space design themes and styles. Following are a few main pros and cons of these coloured engineered surfaces.

Pros of grey quartz surfaces

grey quartz worktop


Light vs dark:

Right ambience:

Low maintenance:

Cons of grey quartz surfaces

Although grey quartz stone is a long-term investment, there are also a few cons of using it, as mentioned below.

Limited outdoor use:

Sensitive to chemicals:

A stone countertop or table top in grey quartz can be an addition to home value. While it provides a range of shades to fit any design theme and create any ambience, the owners should be careful to treat it away from harsh chemicals and heat.

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