Difference between buying car insurance online vs. offline

Buying a car insurance policy from the plethora of choices offered in the market is not an easy task. However, with the progress of technology and online services offered by the insurance industry, the task has become a little easier. While some people are reluctant to buy online car insurance, some find it easy to purchase the policies online. To choose an adequate policy, it is crucial to compare the features, coverage, and benefits of different plans.

buy online car insurance

There are six major aspects that differentiate the online and offline process of buying an insurance policy. Given below are those six differentiating aspects:

Claim Settlement

In the offline process, you will have to approach a broker or an insurance agent or visit the nearest branch office to file a claim and carry out further processes.

In an online process, you can either call the insurance company directly or visit the website of the insurance provider to register the claim.

2.Buy Anywhere and at Anytime

To buy an insurance policy offline you have to approach a broker, schedule a meeting, and then purchase the plan. You can buy an insurance policy online at any time from the official website of the insurer without having to wait for the broker or the insurance agent.


You can buy online car insurance much quicker when compared to offline. The progress of technology has made it convenient to buy anything with just one click. By filling the right details, selecting an adequate plan, and making the payment you can buy a car insurance policy within 2 to 3 hours of time.

The process of buying car insurance offline will take at least 2 or 3 days as you have to contact the broker, schedule a meeting, discuss and understand the plans, finalize a policy, get the documents ready and then buy the policy.

4.Premium rates

online car insurance

To compare the premium rates and features of the policies you can select from the numerous aggregators available online.


When you buy online car insurance, you will have the provision to go through the details of the policy and understand the terms and conditions. You can easily save the policy details to check if you are getting what you had paid for.

When you buy a policy offline, it might not be possible to go through all the details as the broker will explain to you the plans and may miss out on a few details. Therefore if you wish to purchase a policy offline, make sure you purchase it from a trusted agent.

Benefits of purchasing car insurance online

Here is a quick list of 3 important benefits you will receive by buying your car insurance online:

Saves you from fraudulent activity

You can avail the cashless benefits

Round the clock assistance from the customer care sector

The above information regarding the online vs offline purchase of insurance policies will help you in deciding the mode of purchase. You can now go ahead and buy an adequate car insurance policy that best suits and meets your requirements!

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