The Importance of Your Car’s Exhaust System

The exhaust system in your car is an extremely important part responsible for increasing your vehicle’s performance, reducing annoying engine noises, as well as carrying away all harmful gases formed when the fuel is burned inside the combustion compartment. These gases not only affect humans but the whole environment. That is why you should always check your exhaust system and verify that it is not damaged, this will provide you with extra security.

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Signs Your Car Needs an Exhaust Repair

Decreased Acceleration and Power

Once you have an issue with the exhaust system, it will start to affect other parts of your car including the engine. When this happens, you can no longer accelerate quickly, and you will not be able to get a lot of power after you accelerate. You need to address the issue, or it will worsen over time.

Excessively Noisy Engine

The most common symptom of exhaust issues is extremely noisy engines. Your car’s exhaust system helps to keep all the engine sounds down, so when it gets damaged, it will cause leaks which sound very loud, especially after you start or accelerate your vehicle, allowing toxic fumes to enter inside your vehicle, putting you and your passengers at risk.

Reduced Fuel Efficiency

As soon as the acceleration and power decrease, your fuel efficiency will also decrease. If you want your vehicle to perform the same as it usually does, it will have to use extra fuel. Even though the cost of fixing or replacing the exhaust system can be quite expensive, you will end up paying more on fuel if it does not get fixed.

Hanging Pipe

If you notice that the pipe is dragging or hanging, you should fix it right away, otherwise, it will break, and cause leaks.


Strange vibrations on the fuel pedal or steering wheel is also a common sign of exhaust leakage. These vibrations will also affect your ability to fully control your car.

Gas Smell

If you smell gases while you are driving, it might be a symptom of exhaust issues. It is typically caused when the tubes or pipes get damaged or begin to leak. Once this happens, the gasses from the petrol will escape wherever they can, including inside your car. If it starts to leak close to any wire or plastic, the heat coming from the gases will cause all these components to burn. Then, they will release a very strong smell that is why you should not wait until you spot smoke coming out of your car to fix it.

The exhaust system plays a key role, letting those gases go directly to the air will not only affect you, but it will harm other people as well.

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