Different Platforms for development covered during Python coding

The different options for development covered in a Python course

What are the two things that a developer asks before they start coding? Covered in a Python training

There are two questions that a developer asks themselves before coding. This would be covered in a Python course they are:

1. Which is the environment that the developer is comfortable working with? Do they feel its MAC? Rather, are they content by using Windows? Or else they are a purist and believe in using Linux?

2. What is your long-term goal? Perhaps you want to create desktop GUI apps for Windows users. Rather, one may want to design a web application. Ask yourself why you picked Python?


The options available to developers based on the answers to these questions

A python course would give one options based on the answers to these questions: they are:

Linux:Python course


Arch: On the arch Linux distributions, Python 3.5 comes built-in and can be used with the “python” command.

Red Hat Linux and the CentOS:


To conclude, one just needs to ask the right questions as to why they have chosen Python. After that, one can choose one of the options given in a Python Course

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