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Never neglect the caption!

Are you sometimes so unimaginative about Instagram lyrics? I openly admit: I feel the same way! Nevertheless: With texts you can achieve a lot more than you think! Because my experience shows: Instagram users read the image descriptions very well and like to interact with the content.

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In the beginning I made exactly this mistake and didn't write good texts:

What do you notice about my text above?

It is in English, although I actually wanted to address a German-speaking target group

The text is too short and totally irrelevant ... it hardly encourages interaction.

Post at the right time

I underestimated the point of the right time for a long time and often even posted it very late in the evening (where everyone is either sleeping or partying 😀).

Think carefully about when your target group is online. Are you a mom blogger and do you primarily address other mothers? Then you'd better post in the morning between 9-10 a.m. when the kids are in daycare or in the evening when the kids are already in bed. Are you addressing a very young target group? Then post only in the evening or in the afternoon (e.g. directly after school).

Find the perfect posting time in your business statistics

If you have an Instagram business account (you can switch a private account under "Settings" by clicking on a business account), then you have access to valuable statistics! These show you when your subscribers are most active. From this, you can in turn conclude at which time you should post best. For me it is e.g. between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m.

Use a call-to-action in which posts!

A call-to-action (CTA) means that you call your followers on to a specific action: That could be the case, for example. writing a comment, clicking on your blog or participating in a giveaway. I now use a CTA in almost every post. In an ordinary Instagram photo I like to ask my community open questions. In the picture below I have marked an example:

Regular posting is a must!

It is particularly difficult at the beginning; to stay on the ball continuously. After an initial euphoria, many lose motivation or find it tiring; to always produce new content.

But at this point you shouldn't give up! Because if you really want to get more Instagram followers, you have to offer them something new regularly.

Instagram algorithm

That doesn't mean that you have to post 5 pictures or videos a day, but 1 picture a day or one picture every 2 days is a good cut. From my own experience, I can say that the first 10,000 subscribers are the most difficult. After that, however, it goes steadily uphill. And that's why you should always motivate yourself to stay on the ball and not lose sight of your long-term goal. Because I can promise you one thing: once you get the hang of it, it will be a lot easier for you! 🙂

Use Instagram stories regularly!

In addition to simple feed contributions, the Insta Stories have also become well established and are now part of the standard repertoire of successful channels. So you can show your Instagram followers more of your everyday life and take them behind the scenes. This additional content is quickly produced (mobile phone out and off you go!) And gives your followers an authentic insight into your everyday life.

One advantage of the stories: Your followers will watch them very often - sometimes even more often than your feed posts. So don't miss this chance for more visibility!

More tips and tricks for more likes and followers

In keeping with this post, I have created a further, free Instagram online seminar for you, to which I would like to invite you. Take part in my free Instagram seminar if you want to learn more about your optimal niche and the Instagram algorithm!

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