Easy Ways Blog received Adsense

When registering this blog using responsive blogger templates made by Mas Sugeng Riyadi, but that does not mean promoting his template (just talking facts), because personally the author does not know Sugeng.

But in reality, using the best VioMagz premium template (not pirated), when the application was submitted to Adsense in just a matter of hours, there was an answer from Google Adsense via email "Congratulations, your account has been fully approved". **

Adsense Blog Terms:

In addition to increasing the number of article posts, the author continues to try to learn how to create a good blog and a good blog by using the complete tools:

GTmetrix functions to analyze the speed of the blog

PageSpeed Insights - Google Developers

Ubersuggest's free keyword tool for searching blog keywords

Keywords everywhere - keyword tool

Minify Parse HTML Online, JavaScript and CSS so that blogs are not heavily accessed

Copyscape, to check duplicate blog articles.

Moz Pro, analyze keywords and check Page Authority and Domain Authority


SE Ranking is a dynamically developing company that develops the best SEO software that offers all standard SEO Tools along with special features that cannot be found on other eSEO template platforms.

Supporting Pages of BalconyHotel Blog

So that the blog doesn't seem to be an instant or haphazard blog that was deliberately created to register for Google Adsense, for that the blog is equipped:

Blog pages that have my contacts, privacy, disclaimer, sitemap / table of contents

Post navigation menu with one another try at the link right,

For widgets to only install popular posts, label the hotel blog near the post office

Blogs that are equipped with social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

A week later, on May 16 the blog was re-registered with the number of articles increased to 12 posts, and on May 17 around 20:00 came an approval email from Adsense.

After being approved there arises a little worry, then what to do with this blog is certainly a blog that must be visited by many visitors to be interested in the ads that have been installed, well here the writer must learn again so that blog visitors who are interested in adsense ads posted on blog poslacakresi and always continue learn how to create unique and quality articles.

Hopefully posting a way to be received by Google AdSense from blogger can provide benefits. Oh yeah, I almost forgot that Balcony

Hotel sites use quality backlinks, to find out please read what quality backlinks are.

*** Update

My other blog named Raul Handsome blog on 25/06/2019 I replaced the template with the best premium template made by Sugeng on 06/27/2019 on Approved Google Adsense, even though before using VioMagz Templates it was always rejected repeatedly.

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