Choose A Wig For Men According To The Shape Of Face

Are you affected by hair loss due to alopecia or chemotherapy? Are you looking for simple solutions? We'll surely help you through this article.

If you want to wear a wig, you probably have many questions, for example, which cut to choose? So don't panic, we'll explain everything to you.

Choosing a synthetic or natural wig?

Natural wigs:

wigs for men

Another advantage of natural wigs: they offer you more styling possibilities, you can indeed create your own movement thanks to wax, gel, hairspray.

The lifespan of the natural wig is longer, on average 1 to 2 years. However, to extend the life of your wig as much as possible, it is necessary to style it often, to maintain it regularly by shampooing and using masks. For more information on the maintenance of her natural wig, you can click here

Synthetic wigs:

One of the first advantages is its price. Less expensive than natural wigs, synthetic wigs offer very good value for money, since most often they appear natural and undetectable.

The synthetic wig gives you the peace of mind of styling, they are designed to keep the same shape, so you won't have to re-style it after every wash, a simple brush stroke is enough.

Its lifespan is shorter than that of natural ones, there is generally 1 year to 1 year and a half. It is obviously forbidden to approach the synthetic wig to strong sources of heat such as the hairdryer or the straightener for example.

In summary, you have to make your choice according to; your budget, your desire, and your motivation to style your wig regularly or not, and the result you want.

Which hairstyle is right for me?

Some people will want a wig with the same or the same cut as what they had before, but is this the right solution?

Our solution is to determine the shape of your face in order to find a cut that totally suits you.

Here are the different face shapes: round and oval, square and rectangle, triangle, and hexagonal.

Now you just need to analyze your face.

You have a wide jaw and a fairly pronounced forehead, you are one of the men with a square face, like Brad Pitt, and yes gentlemen! This morphology offers you a wide range of cuts that will suit you! Our advice for this morphology: Opt for short cuts with volume above and on the sides of your head, cuts with natural and unstructured looks will break the hardness of your features

If you have a round chin, proportional to the forehead and fairly generous cheeks, you are one of the round faces with Leonardo Dicaprio as your muse! This morphology often gives you a nice air, even too nice. So to break this image, you just have to opt for asymmetrical cuts, to break this nice boy side. You can also go for a messy look

There are two types of triangle, simple triangles, ie a wide jaw and conversely a narrow forehead, to know if this is your case, a simple question, do you look like The rock? If this is your case, here are our tips: The ideal for you is layered, the goal being to give volume at the top of the head and on the sides.

The second type of triangle is the inverted triangle, that is to say, a broad forehead and a narrow jaw, with generally the chin rather pointed. To see you there a little more clearly; think of Vincent Cassel, the best example to represent the inverted triangle. If this is your case then we recommend you cut them with volume above but not on the sides at the risk of amplifying the triangular appearance. The beard is recommended to give volume to the bottom of the face.

Finally, there is a morphology called hexagonal, it is also called the diamond face, if you have it, you can fall into this category alongside Ricky Martin! This face shape is characterized by cheekbones wider than the forehead and lower face and an elongated jawline with a square chin. To soften the lines and hide the angles, it is advisable to choose a cut with a gradient on the sides with the volume on the top. You must avoid at all costs too straight and smooth cuts and prefer messy cuts

If you want more information on the size of the wig, which cap to choose? Or which color to choose? Make sure to leave your comments below.

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