7 Elements That Instantly Add Bohemian Style To Your Room

What exactly comes to your mind when you think of bohemian decor?

Something artistic, unusual, lively, and free-spirited? Yes, this is Boho but it has so much more to it, the bohemian style is a combination of a variety of colors, textures, patterns, and cultures all mixed together to give your space a vibrant and chic look. The design is a reflection of one’s lifestyle and thought process.

Boho is a hippie and modern look mixed together in such a way that it can easily grab anyone’s attention. You can never go wrong with boho as there is nothing such as “rules” in the bohemian decor, the style gives you the freedom to experiment with it in an innovative way.

Bohemian decor is for someone who is socially unconventional and has a love for the arts. The modern decor idea inspired by hippies is the most authentic form of interior decoration. People with small spaces and budgets can also opt for this decor.

If you think Bohemian is the style for you, then take a look at these boho elements that can instantly light up your room.

Wall Hangings

When it comes to wall decoration in a bohemian style, the first thing that pops up is tapestries. Tapestry is currently the hottest trend in the interior decor industry when it comes to wall hangings. People who like to keep it offbeat and unusual should definitely try hanging tapestries as it adds charisma and creates a mesmerizing effect.

You can also use vintage rugs or artistic paintings as wall hangings to give an unconventional look to your Boho decor theme. So if you are thinking of redecorating your room, tapestries can surely add a chic look to your room.

Fresh Plants

Fresh flowers and plants are the heart of boho decor. Plants create a lively and fresh atmosphere and make the room more welcoming. If you plan to keep some plants in your room try choosing some low maintenance plants that don’t require much sunlight and frequent watering.

Succulents can be a great choice for a boho decor, as they don’t require much maintenance and are also available in different bright colors and sizes. You can place the plants near a window or on a geometric styled coffee table so that it grabs everyone’s attention. You can also try including some colored pots for an artistic look.

Besides, the decoration factor plants do offer fresh air to breathe and add a positive vibe to your space. Try including a variety of plants and if possible some hanging plants as well to make your room more pleasing.

Classic Rug


Be it a bedroom, dining room, or a hallway, rugs can definitely make a statement in every room. Free-spirited, eclectic, and boldly colored, rugs and carpets can bring bohemian-chic flair to contemporary and transitional homes.

Rugs and carpets are usually expensive, but there are plenty of great options you will find on online stores and your nearby thrift stores.

Decorative Lights

Fairy lights are everyone’s favorite and when added creates a cozy atmosphere for the place. Lights are enough to add a little touch of magic in a room. You can even add vintage mirrors and lamps for a boho feel.

You can add fairy lights if you are thinking of redecorating your bedroom and for living space, you can consider side lamps and hanging lights. Hanging lights are the focal point and can easily catch anyone’s attention.

I personally prefer to keep lamps as they add a whole lot of spark and elegance. You can even try Turkish lights, the all-time trendsetter for a boho look.

Low-level Seats

A low level sitting arrangement is preferred by most of the people as it is more comfortable and cozy. An L shaped sofa can be a perfect piece for your boho decor. Use some accessories such as different sizes and patterned pillows or maybe a blanket to give it a cozy feel.

You can even keep bean bags, plush chairs, or jute poufs to maintain a low-level setting. These furnishing ideas are perfect for a modern boho look decor.

Handmade Articrafts

Bohemian is a theme inspired by travelers, artists, and writers. Show Off your accessories in such a way that it becomes a point of talk in front of your guests. If you had the opportunity to travel the world proudly showcase your collections from around the globe. Your collections will create a great feature on the wall.

Play With Textile

If you are thinking of having a boho interior decor then you must also know that it is a combination of different patterns, colors, and textiles, and textiles being one of the most important factors. Play with the fabric and use a different pattern for your cushions, a different for your rugs.

Use deep tones that can instantly light up your space or you can even add a metallic touch that can add a little glamour.


Bohemian decor

Good luck bringing perfect bohemian vibes to you home!

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