5 Tips to Make an Agreement

Today we are sharing some important points that help you to make an agreement.

1. Write on Paper:

Whenever you do an agreement with any person make sure you write all terms & conditions on a paper and its sign by both of party. Remember a written agreement is more valid than an oral agreement.

2. Make it Simple:

Always make an agreement in a simple language. you make your agreement in English, Hindi, or your local language that both person are understand.

3. Agree for all condition:

Write all the terms & conditions in the agreement document. All terms & conditions that are written on agreement valid on all the person that signs on the deed. so make sure all people are know all T&C

4. Write about payment:

Payment is an important part of an agreement. write all terms about payment. how all partners share profit. and loss. who get a salary and much percentage of the profile is divide and all related things about payment.

5. Make It legal:

When you make an agreement made in a legal way. use proper format or register your deed. when you make a deed it also signed by a minimum of two witnesses. you also consult with a lawyer or make your deed online.

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