OEMs Found In Kitchener And Waterloo

Waterloo Auto Recyclers

Waterloo Auto Recyclersoperates by buying used and scraped cars and trucks to stock their inventory of millions of parts. These parts professionals will expertly removeparts from older vehicles to ensure the best quality is being made available to you. All parts reclaimed are cleaned, tested and entered into their inventory system making this place way beyond your typical junk yard. Waterloo Auto Recyclers only accepts used auto parts made by the Original Equipment Manufacturers so that you know that each part you select will fit your vehicle. You will find parts from the same year, make and model that you are replacing, but at a fraction of the price you would pay from the Original Equipment Manufacturer.

Kitchener Auto PartsKitchener Auto Parts


Find the car parts you need at the right price at Cambridge Auto Wreckers. Serving Cambridge since 1977, we have part of a network of over 50 auto wreckers. That means we can find practically any part. Contact us for information about our new aftermarket parts and free overnight delivery.
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